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The Yo-Yo

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just spent a few minutes reading some blogs on here as I consumed a delicious protein shake with Amazing Meal Soy-free Vegan Protein Powder (Yum!)

Then I was thinking about scales and weight and how horrible it all is.
I mean, when you really think about it, the number on the scale doesn't REALLY matter.
(I mean, I know 200 is less than 300...) I mean, if you are getting smaller and fitter and your clothes are loose and you can run an extra mile, that's the goal, right? That's what we all actually want?
But we let the scale measure our worth in pounds and kilos. The reason I was thinking about this is because of an interesting thing that is happening to me today.
I weighed myself for the first time in two weeks and I'm down only .4lbs and I was initially upset.
And then I had a weird schizophrenic moment that went like this:
Me 1: "Ugh, I can't believe I'm only down .4lbs, that's like nothing, I suck"
Me 2: "Are you crazy?! You ran 3miles on Monday, you've been kicking serious butt for 6 weeks. You can FEEL the muscle growing inside of you. And you STILL lost weight!"
Me 1: "Yeah, but it's barely anything and I was really hoping to be under 220 again by this time."
Me 2: "Remember the deal we made with each other. This time it's the long haul. Every loss counts and every milestone is important. We are chipping a tiny bit off the block every day and one day you'll look back at this and see how far we've come."
Me 1: "Sigh, I guess you are right. I guess instead of sulking I should go to the gym and get ready for this damn 5k."
Me 2: "Damn straight!"

Yeah...so that's a new concept for me. It sounds crazy but I (and others I know) have been programmed to judge their progress by the scale without taking anything else into consideration. In the past this negligible amount of weight loss would've had me sulking on the couch all day, probably eating a pizza and drinking a beer and then giving up.

And then the weight comes back with a vengeance and it's hard to walk up stairs and my pants don't button anymore.

Sound familiar to anyone else?

This time feels really different. I'm not losing weight as fast as I have in the past, but I'm also not cranky from a huge calorie deficit or because I can't ever enjoy food. I'm not having to go to the doctor with dizzy spells to find out that the recommended calories on SP is far too low for me (true story). I'm enjoying my life and my fitness goals and I know I can take a break if it gets too much. I'm going to be doing this FOREVER so it doesn't need to be perfect all the time.

All I know is that I can't stop. No matter what the scale says or how many slices of cake I had last Monday (3...it was 3), I have to keep moving forward.

Yo-yoing doesn't just happen. It's a reaction to pushing yourself so hard that you snap back to where you started (that's really more of a rubber band metaphor, but you get what I mean). I'm making a choice NOT to Yo-Yo anymore. If this means 1 pound a week or 1 pound a month, I'm going to keep moving in the right direction.


Woah...I feel all righteous now. Time to kick that gym's booty!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I felt that EXACT way about the scale on Wednesday night! I was like, "Noooo, you can't go back UP!" And then I had to fight with myself, realizing that I was walking more, sleeping better, and wearing clothes I hadn't in years!

    EXCELLENT post! emoticon
    2787 days ago
    Fantastic blog! I love that you gave us a peek into your inner conversations because we all have them, but sometimes they don't go so well!
    2787 days ago
    I have SO had those conversations with myself!

    You showed you who's boss! Rock on!

    2788 days ago
    Wow! Sounds like the conversations in my head! You go, Girl!
    2788 days ago
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