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March 1 to 6th's Photo Blogs...

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hello all! Did you think I forgot to Photo Blog for March?!!? No way! I love doing this! On one of my SP teams, we are doing a challenge that we have to blog each day. I guess I have just had time to do those. BUT today I made time because I miss doing it (and don't want to get too behind). So with that said, lets get going...

March 1st's photo blog's words: Sweet Rest

This is my smallest cub at 5 years old (he's now 11, 12 next month). He fell a sleep this way. When we go to bed, we check on them, shut off the radio, and open the door. This was a cute surprise to see... hee hee.

March 2nd's photo word: Whimsical

Both of my cubs can be "whimsical" at times, but my smaller one is always a hoot! This is just one of those times! We, as a family, were hitting baseballs... not sure why since all of us don't care for baseball, hee hee... but we were one day. My youngest got bored quickly and him and I just started to play around. Here he went to the top of the small bleachers and stood like this. After I took the picture he said the "Pledge of Allegiance" and "Play Ball!" He's such a ham and reminds me of myself when I was younger. Hate that you can lose that goofy-ness as you get older. I tried not to, but it's hard in this world.

March 3rd's photo words: Upside Down

This is my oldest at 6 years old... now he's 14! Boy does the time go by! On this day I told them to just run around and do whatever they wanted to do. I was randomly taking pictures of them for a project I did. He was so afraid to let go of that bar... hee hee. I remember when I was in school the monkey bars were my favorite during recess! My friends and I would just do flips, hang upside down, and talk. LOVE them... hee hee.

March 4th's photo word: Two
Oooow, does that mean I can post TWO pictures, hee hee. emoticon

These are just TWO of my favorite things... hee hee. This is Frosty with my favorite ice cream, Coffee Mocha Fudge. aaahhhhhhh.

Okay, I'm joking, that's NOT my picture for the word "two".

These are my TWO cubs (when they were little)!! They are my world and I'm so very happy God made me their Mommy! Times maybe hard (especially with the oldest starting his teenager years), but I wouldn't change anything. I love them BOTH very much!!! Love you guys! (big bear hugs!)

March 5th's photo word: Lucky
Gee I wish I had a picture of my sister's favorite guinea pig... his name was "Lucky" (wink). I really do need to start scanning all my photos, hee hee.

This is a picture of my husband trying to fix my Frosty. I got him at Build A Bear and his cheeks would glow when you pushed the button in his hand. It wasn't working anymore.

Sadly my husband was unable to fix Frosty. He glowed for one last time that day... we call it "Frosty's Last Glow", hee hee. But I picked this picture, not to talk about Frosty, but to show how "Lucky" I am to have this wonderful man in my life! This June will make it 17 years we have been married! In the Summer of 1990 is when we met and be came good friends! In 1992 is when we started dating. It's been a journey and I would not have wanted to do it with anyone else (well maybe Thorsten Kaye... hee hee... JUST JOKING!). My husband is such a wonderful man! He'd do anything to help you out... even if you have gotten him annoyed, hee hee. He's always helping my family, his family, the cubs, and me! I got very "lucky" the day I met him, the day we got married, and the days he became the father of my children! He puts up with all of my craziness. From mood swings (you know what I mean ladies) to throwing birthday parties for my favorite teddy bears! I can tell you he HATES Frosty! Not really sure why?!!? I told him I love him (my husband) more?!! (wink) But even hating him (Frosty), he still spent some time to TRY and fix this adorable snowman because he knew how much he meant to me. Yes, you all can say it...aaaahhhhhh!!! I love this man and I'm so LUCKY to have him in my life!!!!!

Today's photo's words: Full Speed
Notes from the lady doing these Photo Blogs...
Stop The Action! Shutter speed. Shutter speed. Shutter speed. Too slow and you have a blurry photo. Want to stop action of moving kids? Think 1/125th of a second. Faster subject? Faster shutter speed. A too slow shutter speed is one of the biggest contributors to blurry, bad photos!

Well that helps me, but a little too late! I actually don't have a professional camera or anything, but do have one with settings. When I take action pictures (my cubs playing their sports) I set my camera to that setting. I'm not sure why these didn't come out. Maybe it was the really bad lighting and being indoors?!!? I have taken actions pictures of my cubs playing soccer (outdoors) and they came out fine. Oh well, you get the idea and now I can work on improving my action photos!

This is a picture of my oldest cub running in his indoor track meet. He was doing the 1000 meter dash / run / whatever they call it. They had just started here. He is the 4 boy you see.

This is him after the race stretching it out. There were 12 boys and he got 6th. So that's good for his very first meet ever!

My cub just signed up for Spring Track today, so more chances for action photos... and they'll be outdoors, so that's great.

Okay, looks like I'm caught up for now. I really did miss these blogs! Thanks for stopping by, looking at my photos, and reading about them. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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