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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey Spark friends! I have missed you and seeing how you are doing on this healthy living adventure! Both eye surgeries are complete now - the second one went much better than the first and THAT is a tremendous relief!

I went back to the gym the first time today in a couple of weeks. I was a bit afraid to get on the scale because of lack of exercise (docs orders) and my eating habits were SO different over the last couple of weeks.

It was VERY frustrating trying to weigh and measure my foods without my close-up vision...let alone trying to make entries in the food tracker. Even writing was a chore. So I made the decision to let food tracking go for the time being.

I also had to give up prepping my own food. I cut myself a couple of times and grabbed the wrong seasoning a few times...the clincher was spilling boiling water down my stomach and leg. Hubby was a tremendous help in the kitchen! But, he does fat and lots of it! Fortunately, all the bad fats have been removed from the house!

So imagine my delight when I stepped on the scale today and registered a 6 pound loss! Amazing! I have read some articles about giving up the measuring cups and the counting of calories. Giving those up in favor of listening to the body. I have read even more about working to get those good fats into the daily food intake...foods like flax oil, butter, coconut oil, cream, nuts and nut butters, ghee, even whole milk and lard and bacon grease! Well, that's what went in the past two weeks! Oh, yes...there were loads of fruits and veggies...mega servings on the days that we juiced..lots of protein, too. The big difference from the past couple of weeks and my before Spark eating? No junk! No processed, high sodium, msg and artificial this or that, sugar laden junk.

There were numerous days that my calorie intake was well over 2000 and no exercise going on - and still a significant loss. And you know, I feel better! I am eating 4 or 5 mini meals and enjoying them more! And I L O V E, L O V E, L O V E not weighing and measuring!

I don't have cravings often but you know what I crave now? Juices (fresh from my Champion juicer, please) and smoothies loaded with spinach and berries...sometimes it's nuts drizzled with honey. I even made my own yogurt the other day and it's yummy! If at all possible I eat what I crave...or at least get the same food type in if I am not able to get the exact food right then.

Well, this is the course that I am on now and I will pursue it until I discover something even healthier for me. I know that it's a bit radical...don't care! Will what I am doing work for everyone? I don't know. Will it always work for me? I don't know. I just know that it's working now. I will continue to research and tweek as I go...I encourage you to do the same!
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