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Give Me a Shovel and I'll Bury that Excuse...

Monday, February 25, 2013

On Saturday I bit the bullet and signed up at our local gym. After weighing all the pros and cons, I decided that while there will still be several obstacles, paying for membership at the gym closest to my house is probably my best bet. I also signed up my 13-year-old sign to go with me. Now that he's about to enter 8th grade, I don't see why he can't be more active in the gym - he's been going with me off and on for years, really. He said that he really wants to work on building some muscles and "getting rid of this gut"... (he doesn't have a gut...I think he's heard his Dad say that or something *lol*). I'm sure the newly discovered interest in girls has helped spur this on as well.

Later that day we ended up at the mall where he and I dodged into the local sports store and bought him a workout outfit (basketball shorts and a performance shirt) and a gym bag. (He ended up with one of those drawstring backpacks for now, because every single duffel at this stupid store was at least 8-10 feet off the ground. And there was NO ONE around to help get anything down. WTF?!)

The plan, starting tonight, is to drive straight home, change, drop off Hubs and pick up Logan and then off to the gym for a bit, then home where I'll cook dinner while he works on his homework next to me (I need to clear off our kitchen table so I can have him RIGHT THERE WITH ME.

As far as my foot - well, I can tell you that my boss gave me different advice for healing my PF. Everyone so far (and every website) tells me to stretch it out. My boss said when he suffered from PF he went to a podiatrist who said that's just the opposite of what you want to do. She told him that your foot is already stressed, hence the pain and irritation, and then you stretch and cause more stress...it's counterintuitive. He said that he noticed that the Mayo Clinic's website said that stretching helps something like 80% of sufferers. So for the past 3-4 days do you know what I've done for my foot? Not a damn thing. I'm not stretching it anymore. Hey...stretching it wasn't working...hasn't worked for 18 months, so will trying something like this hurt anything? Probably not. So far my foot feels a lot better. Go figure.

As far as my workouts. Logan and I will be following the LiveFit program. It's a 12-week program from Jamie Eason on the Bodybuilding.com website. I've done it before (well, most of it) and felt amazing when I was doing it. The reason I'm drawn to it is because it calls for no cardio for the first 4 weeks of the program - JUST lifting. I'm even considering drawing those first 4 weeks out to 8 weeks. After that I'll either try the bike or the elliptical to test out my foot.

Side note: I would LOVE to schedule some Tuesday or Thursdays working from home so I can try out the new Tai Chi class at the gym.

I'm not changing much about my eating yet. One stressor at a time here. I'm going to get my butt back in the gym and for the next 2 weeks just focus on slowly reforming my upper and lower body strength. The only thing I am going to focus on is making healthier options wherever I can, cooking at home as much as possible, and falling back on my healthier snacking alternatives - fruit, vegetables, rice cakes, and protein bars. Today's lunch - homemade chili, rice cakes and an orange.

All I'm honestly hoping for right now is to break out of this rut. I'm slightly encouraged by the improvements in my foot...could NOT stretching be the key for me? Seems wrong, but who knows - right?
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    Hope you've also tried some orthotics - my PF lasted about a year. Some days were worse than others. Also - I found those old sketchers shoes that they claimed would "tone your thighs" ... the ones with rocker type soles - were AMAZING for helping with pain. Looked like crap with clothes but man .. a day without pain? Like you - stretching my foot just made it hurt more. time and those rocker bottomed shoes were the only thing that worked.

    Hope your foot feels better soon.
    2991 days ago
    Hey girlie! I've been off the grid for a while so I'm behind with not enough time to truly catch up...but way to go on signing up for your local gym! Sounds like you and your son will be able to motivate each other - AWESOME!

    Keep up the good work!!
    2991 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    I just LOVE this blog post. LOVE LOVE

    1) I stopped stretching my Achilles and it feels better. Rob is anti-stretching so he would agree with your boss.

    2) I love that Logan is heading to the gym with you!! I hope you guys can encourage each other to just go, even if you aren't working out together when you get there.

    3) I love lifting and this it is under-rated by weight-losers so I LOVE this idea too. I was basically told by a figure competitor (woman) that I was too fat to lift and I should do cardio first. Guess what? My body looks better now, 4 weeks into Body Beast than it did while I was doing Insanity last year! (I expected this because in the past, my body responded better to lifting than cardio - its how my body works!).

    4) Just lots of happy vibes here! Happy! Love!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Ok, enough obnoxious happy thoughts. I'm sure you're annoyed with my positivity already ;)
    3001 days ago
    Yes I remember how much you enjoyed her program. You keep going, it can't hurt right? Good Luck.

    3001 days ago
    Sounds like you're definitely off to a great start and it sounds like an awesome plan!!! I'm glad that even though it might be slow going at times, you're doing the best you can with what you have!! emoticon
    3001 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Hey thats really cool your son wants to come along as well, you are indeed being a good role model to him!

    I often wondered that about my foot as well. I didn't tend to do a lot of stretching, I iced/heated, I used topical anti inflammatory and I did massage it, but that was more a pressure one, than a stretching one.

    Here's hoping you have found something good!
    3002 days ago
    I did Jamie Eason last year and it was awesome!!! I didn't finish the last phase because it just seemed so technical. The first 8 weeks are great though!! Good luck!
    3002 days ago
    A step in the right direction.. Keep on steppin!
    3002 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Sounds good! And I am glad to hear you sounding so much more positive and in control again.
    3002 days ago
    Sounds like you have a great plan of action. Hope you have found the secret for healing your foot!
    3002 days ago
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