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First Personal Training Session

Friday, February 22, 2013

I signed up for the gym next door. I had the cash and the time and thought, this is going to be the hardest part - Getting in the front door. So that was last night. Thanks to a horrible headache (thanks, snow storm) that's all I did but I did schedule my first meeting with a personal trainer. This was a 30 minute meeting to discuss where I am and what my goals are and to create a plan of attack. The good news is that I am really muscular so if I had 0% body fat, I would weigh 126lbs. I assumed I would have to be 100lbs or so to get there since I am so short. We did some calculations and 150-160 would be a good range for me. YEA! So that's a long way from now, but we are breaking it into 23lb increments and three phases. This seems doable. It's not as daunting when it's all broken down like that. We talked about calories and what I need to consume vs. what I need to burn and we talked about the whole paleo/primal thing which he said was a good idea.

Tonight I am going to go to Zumba Toning at the new place and just get in there. I am meeting with the trainer again next Tuesday for my first real work out with him. I am excited to do it. After that a friend of mine that I work with and I are going to take semi-private sessions together because the buddy system is great and it's much less expensive ($35/ hr versus $75/hr is a no brainer!). I feel like I have a plan of attack. Time to get myself out of my funk and get on my way!
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