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being pregnant and gaining weight

Thursday, February 21, 2013

You know it's hard to have come such a long way by losing 85 pounds. It's hard to look at the scale daily and deal with that up and down cycle. It took me about 2.5 years to get down to 140 and well I still wasn't fully satisfied but I also wasn't working hard enough to lose more. I got comfortable and content for the time being.

I'm now pregnant and at 15 weeks. I gained about 11 pounds already and so am not thrilled about the weight. I'm thrilled about having my first baby but I'm scared and nervous about my weight gain. I know I have to gain but after coming all this way to than gain again and hearing so many stories of how hard it is to lose baby weight it unnerving.

I like before still weigh myself almost daily and just shake my head when I see another 1 or 2 pounds added on. I'm not at about 154 and again am only 15weeks. I have 25 more weeks to go and that is suppose to be a pound a week. 25 more pounds :-/

Well I'm writing this to get it off my chest but at the same time I want to speak to people. People that can give me advise or have been there and know what I'm going through. Just to think I have to do Insanity again after the birth and keep retracing all my meals which is hard enough now to do because I pick a lot.

I'm just well not wanting to gain 50 pounds but juicy cheesy bacon burgers, chocolate on chocolate cakes, milk shakes, buttery salty popcorn, lazy days on the couch or at the movies, appeal so super much to me. I'm reading How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy by the Mayo Clinic. I hear the advise and I do most of it but that Coke Cherry Zero, those Doritos, that egg roll is screaming my name.

What is a pregnant girl to do?
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    I am struggling with this too and let suggest you let your doctor know your concerns and make a healthy gain goal for your pregnancy. If you of average weight 25-35lb gain is considered normal if you are over weight/obese 10-20 is considered normal. I was over weight when I conceived and we have a 10-20 gain goal since my first tri was during the holidays plus I haven't had any notable morning sickness I have gained a little more then I would like at 19weeks but some of it is out of my hands because your body's metabolism and digestion slows to absorb whatever it can. The most important is to eat healthy foods as much a possible, satisfy those cravings when you need to and if you have the doctor's OK exercise and keep active as much as possible.
    Embrace your baby bump as it starts to develop and try not to get too down about the scale-knowing you are not alone!
    2833 days ago
    Eat what you want stay active and the weight will fall off afterward. As long as you eat a clean diet for the most part there is no reason that you will gain another 25 pounds.
    Most women gain the most weight (for a pregnancy) they will ever gain in their first pregnncy.
    10-15 pounds is average for the first trimester. 5-7 is average for the second trimester and 10 for the 3rd. That is an average of 20-35 pounds. Totally normal. Don't freak out. It will be ok. You have to gain in order to keep that baby healthy. The baby and fluids alone weigh a combined average of 15 pounds. So think about it that is 10-20 pounds you will have lost within a week or 2 after delivery.
    You are quite possible bloated also. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Dorritos and Diet Cherry Coke are loaded with sodium. Also if you are going to drink the Coke. I suggest drinking a regular one. There is a ton of research out there showing the ill effects of artificial sweeteners on the body. HFCS isn't all that great but it is really better for you than Splenda. Unless of course you are diabetic. Then please continue to drink the fake stuff.
    If I were you I wouldn't focus so much on the weight. That is unhealthy. Unless your doc says something about you gaining too much. Which with first pregnancies they rarely do. Concentrate on eating as healthfully as possible, being as active as possible. Just because you are pregnant it doesn't give you a free pass to be unhealthy. Anyone who says otherwise is very very misguided. Unless speciffically directed by the doc to take it easy. Do what you can. Keep being active. With my third kid I was painting a house the day I went into labor. With my oldest 2 I walked 2-3 miles a day. Not counting the cleaning and organizing the house or shopping. And with my youngest I walked in 100+degree heat for hours on end. Do what you are comfortable with. I can tell you from experience that the recovery went a lot faster with all of them thatn it would have if I had not been active.
    Keep your chin up and just focus on growing a happy healthy baby.
    Best of Luck!!!!!!
    2834 days ago
    Of course I know little about being pregnant, but my wife and I have 3 children (all grown now) and each time she put on weight. I have heard that it is possible to lose weight when you are pregnant (without hurting the baby) especially if you have extra to lose. I hope that you find out the truth concerning this (there are many SP watching you). That would be so encouraging to many if it is true. Healthy living to you and your baby. Benny
    2834 days ago
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