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Coming Undone over Triscuits

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some people -- including my Caro Sposo, who "battles" (effortlessly) to stay under 150 pounds--do not understand the mesmerizing power of a galvanic trigger food.

Triscuits can do me in every time. Is it because my mother, also a light-weight but self-indulgent, used to spread them with butter and put them in a toaster-oven as a treat and occasionally dispense one to us? Is it the salt? Is it the long long list of ingredients which must include the human equivalent of catnip? Is it the sedative effect of seamlessly moving into heart failure because of the sodium?

And I fully appreciate the irony of the new claim on the box that this is a "heart-healthy" food. Only if you have a heart of titanium!

Caro Sposo got a big "family sized" box of Triscuits yesterday. He could not find the low-sodium cracker which he typically uses. I can ignore that cracker and it can sit in the kitchen unmolested. So Caro Sposo chose the Triscuits. I spoke rather harshly to them as they were unpacked but within a few hours, I had indulged. Ridiculously indulged. Suicidally indulged.

Finally persuaded CS to hide them away in his study. He looked at me with that half-incredulous, slightly disgusted look that Wally used to reserve for The Beaver when The Beaver acted like a lumpenproletariat.

Some people just do not get it. And I do not get them. I want to be them. But in the meantime, I really cannot resist an "attractive nuisance".
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  • no profile photo CD13425678
    Amen and amen.
    Isn't 'Triscuit' a cute little name, though? So harmless... the person who thought it up probably got a bonus.
    Since I am an all-or-nothing type, for better or worse, I just can't let them in the house. Sometimes they (or members of their cohort, the bread family) try to sneak into my grocery cart. Or they are brought in by friends or family. On good days they go straight into the trash. Alas good days are rare.
    3033 days ago
    I have one thing to add: SALTINES AND BUTTER. I become completely undone with the combination. I will not rest until the box of saltines is completely gone-and I don't share, then the butter quietly goes back into hiding.
    3033 days ago
    Yes, I have bought them and put mozz cheese on them with a dab of hot sauce...mmm haven't had them in awhile....but, surely won't bring them in the house either :)
    3034 days ago
    Looks like you're not alone. I won't bother to share my fantabulous recipe for an appetizer. Hmmm. I thought I only had a problem with donuts and cake and pie and . . .
    3034 days ago
    I also love them but I dole them out. A serving. Had them yesterday. They were delicious with cheese.
    3034 days ago
    Ice cream. Single serves. One per day. Much more difficult to portion control when there is a whole box!! I can't have trigger foods in the house. Just the single serves...
    3035 days ago
    I am often undone by the kindness of my husband who brings home "food" to surprise me because he knows that I like it. Sigh............
    3035 days ago
    It sounds ridiculous, but there are times when I swear that I can hear chocolate calling my name. It is a sweet, seductive sound, and I cave in more times than not.

    Good luck resisting the evil Triscuits.
    3035 days ago
    Our garage is cold, glum, and a bit grimy, so it's the perfect place for me to send trigger foods into banishment. My husband LIKES the garage, particularly when it has yummy treats on the workbench.
    P.S. Triscuits are wicked.
    3035 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/19/2013 7:58:55 PM
    "I spoke rather harshly to them as they were unpacked but within a few hours, I had indulged. Ridiculously indulged. Suicidally indulged." emoticon You make this difficult journey through trigger foods, emotional eating, and food changes way more fun. Thank you!
    3035 days ago
    The plain ones are a trigger food for me but I have found that the cracked pepper ones are flavorful enough that I can stop at a serving or so. Now Birthday cake golden oreos? Those are not allowed in the house anymore as DH and I both had a problem with them.
    3035 days ago
    I can resist Triscuits because I am gluten intolerant. With me it's the M&M's that hang out in our pantry (and always will). My husband stays at 150 without any problem, and can eat all the M&M's he wants. (He just doesn't want as many as I do.) But he insists on having them in the house.
    3035 days ago
  • PRIZM96
    OMG...... I have the exact same obsession with popcorn!! And not that stupid stuff that is "popped" by air and is sprinkle lightly with some sort of seasoning...... I mean the awesomeness that is popped in oil and smothered in butter, topped with salt, or better yet BUTTER SALT! (Um..... who the hell came up with BUTTER SALT?!" I basically like my popcorn YELLOW, with maybe a hint of orange (butter salt, people)!

    My dear, dear husband will say, "I'll just have a handful....." WHAT?! Who are *these* people?????

    3035 days ago
    LOL. Thought I was the only one with a Triscut problem. Everyone else posts about sugar addiction. Btw....you have a delightful writing style.
    3035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13231517
    You nailed it, Natalie. If Triscuit is Trigger, just call me Roy.

    3035 days ago
    I emoticon Triscuits! I am partial to the rye, rosemary and garlic flavor ones. And I love it with butter, cheese, hummus...any type of spread. I do use portion control though. I count out m 6 pieces and put the box away. I do all the grocery shopping so I have a fair amount of control over what is in the pantry. I am glad that Triscuits are not a trigger food for me. I will say a little pray that you can find a balance that works for you!
    3035 days ago
    Yeah, the crunch, the salt, the taste of all the whole wheat masquerading as healthy - I love Triscuits!

    And there are certain foods that I ask DH to eat away from me. So I'm not tempted. (Of course, when I had choc chips for a baking project, I had to hide those away from him!)
    3035 days ago
  • MLH148
    Now you have done it. Butter on triscuits? Never would have thought of it. Now have to think about it. :)
    3035 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Thank goodness we do not have Tricsuits here! If we did I'd have been writing this blog. They will probably appear on our shelves one day in this global marketplace. I saw Reeces(?) by the checkout the other day but forewarned by SparkyBlogs ignored them. emoticon I try to see these comestibles as Frankenstein Foods!
    3035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8151099
    My skinny hubby does the same thing. Then he blames me for not being strong enough to resist.
    Trigger foods to a woman are like naked boobs to a man. Even though they know they shouldn't, they still peek. Sometimes they stare. Usually they stare. It's hard wired into their brains. Food is like that to many women. It's hardwired.

    The rare occasion when my emoticon hubby shops, he comes home with chips, pop, ice cream, fat laden foods and white psudo-bread. It's like the vegetable aisle doesn't even exist. He constantly opens the (full) fridge, stares into it for five minutes and then announces that there's nothing to eat. God forbid he should open the fruit drawer!

    *sigh* Men!
    3035 days ago
    Oh Natalie, I FEEL your pain!! WHY can't men understand about trigger foods? Can we send them to get educated? I guess I'm lucky because Phil hates to shop more than he wants certain goodies - so I can just refuse to buy them (cookies are MY particular nemesis)!
    3035 days ago
    Hi there....

    If you read my blog today ---- you'll see some parallels....altho' not so eloquently stated!!! I hear the harpies calling every time I open a package, container, can, roll......of something sweet!!! Yep - run them out of town!!!

    emoticon I re-read your Spage just now....and we have a lot in common in personal/political values. So nice to know.


    3035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9697485
    Tricuits! I emoticon Triscuits!! For what it's worth to you ('cuz what works for me may not work for you), I'm able to keep them in the house by portioning out a single serving and then putting the box away (in the BACK of the pantry!). I eat them with a half-cup of low-sodium cottage cheese -- not a bad snack, if you can stick to that single serving!

    Good luck -- I know you can show those Triscuits who's boss! emoticon
    3035 days ago
    You have identified Triscuits as a trigger food, which is the first step. Asking CS to hide them in his study is the second step. You will get there! I have to do the same thing with sweets. They will be gone if I know where they are. DH will hide them, but then eats them in front of me. So frustrating!
    3035 days ago
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