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(Cross Post) Nerd Fitness End of Challenge 4

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ridiculous exams week was ridiculous.
Had one in class exam, two presentations to work on, and have been studying for two more "online" than I take tomorrow. At the same time trying to get ahead on my 6 classes because I will be on vacation for a week and need to have two projects and several homeworks ready to turn in before hand. I also did Field observation for two days at the same high school I interned at, in the same class. It was such an awesome time. I walked in, and the teacher knew I was coming, so I tried to sneak in around the kids quietly and not interrupt the lecture. She screams, at the top of her lungs, "YAY OUR INTERN'S BACK!" I about died laughing. I heard one girl say "Took you long enough!" I think they think I may be back for another 8 weeks. I wish I was. Only one day left. Trying to get that field report written before vacation too. DO ALL THE SCHOOLWORK!

By the way, it's cold out! It was 53 outside today (I'm in South Florida.. that's ridiculously cold) and we discovered we had no hot water at 11 pm Friday night. Calling the new landlord in the morning only earned me a "Call back Monday after 9 am and we'll set up a work order). No work order needed friend; you shut off the power of the upstairs apartment, because it's vacant, though we share a hot water heater. Figures, on the one weekend in South Florida where it's colder than it's been since the Ice Age. I sponge-bathed all weekend but today hubby couldn't take it anymore (while the inside house temp has been 63F all day) we finally gave in and drove 10 minutes to an Army buddies to use his hot shower and borrow a space heater. It's now a toaster 71F in here. Thank goodness. By the way, did you know it's really hard to stay on task with schoolwork when your fingertips and nose are cold?

Today, I did not finish my water. I want to pretend I will, but I won't. I'm working on it know but the water is so cold and my belly is rejecting more cold. We didn't even crawl out of bed until 11am, for no reason I can discern except that it's been such a stressful and cold weekend that our bodies couldn't bear it. I needed to do an hour class/workout today, but couldn't bring myself to do it (since I wouldn't be able to shower and was just sooo lethargic). This one instance actually lowers my grade for fitness to a C (would have gotten an 83!). Blah. I even skipped a classical concert today (From Vikings to Faberge, Russian symphonies) to try to catch up on school work. :( SAD KITTY IS SAD.

So my challenge ends on a blah note.

PT This week:
Monday: I apparently did not work out. I cannot find a log of it, and honestly don't remember if I did or not, so counting it a loss.
Wednesday: "Intervals" on the treadmill. 2 runs of 0.25 miles at 4mph, between 0.75 miles at 3mph walking. All 0.5% incline. Finished the rest of the hour at 2.8mph since my knee whined, but consider it a success. I did my stretching and my foam rolling.
Saturday: We ran late Friday and didn't make it to school on time so I did my walk yesterday. 45 mins for 2.2 miles; have hefting the Labrador around. My knee was well and swollen when I got back to the car. I try to walk forward and the dog pulls me sideways. NOT the way to repair an ITBS knee, but Hubby couldn't run with her any farther (he's still training her up). :( Iced.
Sunday: Needed to manage an hour to make up for Monday; did not prioritize it.

Hobby Time this week: I did catch an Epi of Torchwood on the Treadmill. I also audio-read 2 miles worth of Pride and Prejudice on my walk yesterday. I also digitized my Die Zauberflote opera program and turned it and some beautiful photos (not taken by me) into a digital scrapbook. (MINIMIZED!)

I'm going to keep logging through the challenge break though. I think it'll be a good idea to keep me rolling. Plus I want to find time after these exams tomorrow (maybe Tuesday) to catch up on the last week and a half I missed here with my Prismatic Fanatics! READ ALL THE POSTS!

My overall grades:

Fitness Class or Workout 3x weekly: 78%.
Eight glasses of water per day: 88%.**
Sleep 8 hours per night: 88%.*
Achieve 2 hours of Hobby time per week: 100%.
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emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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* The asterisk denotes that on some weeks a sleep may be less than 8 hours, up to one asterisk per week. These will not count against the grade.
I did learn, from my FitBit, that the hours I lay down are not always the hours I sleep (even accounting for a half hour to fall asleep). I'm still coming up short, between 7 and 8 hours. I suppose that's still acceptable, but some nights I toss and turn (13 times last night). I want to remedy that.

** I comp'd myself the last glass of water on Friday Feb 15 when I found the fridge had frozen my water filter. It does that sometimes. I refuse to drink the tap water because it tastes like mold if unfiltered. I'm not a snob, I drink the coppery fountain water at school. I draw the line at mold.

I did WAY too well on the hobby time for having a comparatively low score in sleep. In fact I exceeded the total time of 720 minutes and logged 1027 purposeful hobby minutes. I do not know why that doesn't end in five. O_o

Quest rewards:
1.6 Strength.
3.8 Wisdom.
3.5 Constitution.
1.8 Charisma.
0.8 Dexterity.
1.6 Stamina.
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DING! Weyrcat is now Level 5.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

SO. Overall I think I did better on this challenge than I have on my previous, even with the 78 in Fitness Classes. Part of it is my current inflexibility on what I am able to do with my knee. The other part is plainly not making time for it. I will try to keep up with what I have been doing and add more time in. I keep wanting to go to pilates for the full body workout but then I can't move for three days.

So, wish me luck, I'm sorry I was MIA in the end. I'm stealing time just to write this, then back to finish this chapter and go to bed to wake up and start the cycle over again.
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