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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DATE: 1/29/13
TIME: 7:48AM
WHERE: on post
DISTANCE: 2.50 miles
COMPANY: alone
TOTAL TIME: 32:58min
PACE: 13:12 min/mile
HEART RATE: 162-181 bpm
WEATHER CONDITIONS: very cool, dry, sunny.
OVERALL EXPERIENCE: awesome run! I have learned that knowing my heartrate improves my speed A LOT! like, my usually training pace is an 18min/mile--now it's a 12-13min/mile! YAY!! emoticon and another thing--i am really glad for the Garmin because it tells me how many calories i'm burning--SP estimated i only burn 171 cal this morning--my Garmin says 308! that's a BIG difference. all in all it was a good run--Lilly (my emoticon ) is still recovering from getting fixed--she's very put out that i haven't taken her running with me, but i don't want her getting hurt.
One major con i would say about the Garmin410--is it's not really user friendly... it's taken me several runs to get the settings about the way i want them, and i really dont' like the touch bezel thing--but the pros WAY out weigh the cons. i love getting all this data about my runs! it makes me so excited to go and do it again!!
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