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My blessings this monday

Monday, February 11, 2013

I seem to have succeeded in changing my sleep rythm - I wake up between five and six and I am very happy about that.

They have announced a lot of snow for today and the days after, I will not have to plan any exercise, "just" work on keeping the snow away from my drievway...

I have dedicated 30 minutes each every day to writing songs and reading philosohy, I fthink that will do.

I have read some interesting things recently about eating - "The mystery of aging" is a swedish book (as you understand that is not the title in swedish, it is "Åldrandets gåta") i written by a journalist who specializes in scientifics and he has collected a lot of studies about aging and also interviewed a lot of really old people all over the world about their lifestyle - the conclusion from the interviews says that longlived people have in common: 1) Ascetic menu 2) feeling needed in the world, have a purpose and 3) some sort of religious attitude.

He has also found some surveys that says that almost starving is a sure way to become older - studies for the National institute of Aging even shows that fasting is not dangerous or bad for your body at all... I guess this is very controversial as it goes against all those "commandments" on eating three meals a day and two snacks between and thath your body goes into "starve" mood if you eat less than 1200-1300 cal a day etc.

I added a spark friend called "Live Amazingly" today and read a most interesting blog about her findings on what to eat and how it worked for her. To me it was just another example that although there are general "rules" about how eating and exercising works, there are always exceptions and also inside the rules you have to find your own balance.

My book writes about David Kesslers research "Sugar addiction is not a disease but a natural consequence of being a human being. It is used by the food industry to serve oss massive amounts of food who is researched to be superappetizing. The consequence is a catastrophe healthwise"

I have to admit that it is a comfort to me to read that David Kessler admits to addictive overeating. And Sara Ward, working at Temple university in Philadelphia has discovered that the combination of sugar and fat has the same addictive effect as kokain...

I can go on forever but I will end with another quote from my book - it is from an interview with David Kessler and about the fact that combination of fat and sugar as well as fat and salt is as addictive as heroin. And it is me translating from swedish to english, so it might be language weird...:

– Imagine you are a global food company - what is your business plan? Well, you produce food that the costumers think is maximum tasty, that is easy to chew and not too filling and then you make it accessible in every street corenr 24-7.
– And one more thing - you make it social acceptable to eat anytime, anywhere.

The last thing is something that has really changed - not so many years ago we ate at fixed times and dessert was only for sundays... today we live in what David Kessler call a constant food carneval, where our brains from morning to evening is peppered with tempting food signals.

I have to buy more ginger today - I use it for making chai tea that I bring to work and drink during the day - this book tells me that I should go inte he store on my way to work to buy it, on my way home it might seduce me into buing some other things that I will be exposed to...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Shoveling snow can be very hard. Just don't overdo and have a great day. You seem very dedicated to writing. I love to write too but I go in opposite direction and write romance and poetry. I have some poems published in poetry anthologies and in a truckers magazine LOL. I have not sent in my novel yet but will some day.
    You just keep on going and fulfill your dreams.
    2467 days ago
    Thank you. I really enjoyed this mornings blog. A lot of good sense; thanks for sharing. Easy does it with the snow, it is good exercise--done carefully. Have a wonderful week!
    2467 days ago
    That's a good idea to get groceries on the way TO work...
    2467 days ago
    Take it easy with all that snow. Snow shoveling is an exercise on the exercise tracker!
    2467 days ago
    emoticon book tips too,I will se what the library has.
    2467 days ago
  • CAMAEL100
    You are right, it is a matter of finding what works for you. I am seeing more and more that we are totally surrounded by signals to eat constantly. It makes it so hard to resist. My 9 yr old son got a slice of cake yesterday from his granny and he wanted more which of course she was willing to give him. I said no as one was enough. He told us that he could eat the whole lot of it!! Now he does not have an eating disorder and eats well normally and gets lots of exercise and actually is interested in healthy eating but it just shows that what ever in in cakes, they are addictive!!

    I think that a huge % of people have problems with overeating food. I think fasting every now and then can be a good thing, not with a view to starving myself but with a view to getting in touch again with what real hunger feelings feel like. It also proves to me that I can live on a lot less food than I think!
    2467 days ago
    I once read that even into his 80s Fred Astaire continued to dance at least an hour or two each day, just for exercise. He claimed a typical meal for him might be "A hard-boiled egg and a piece of toast." He certainly seemed plenty healthy, active and slender, his whole life - which makes me think Kessler et al. may be on to something. This book sounds much more reasoned, and not full of fantastic claims or extremes. I think I'll look this one up, Meddy...
    2467 days ago
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