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Paying it forward makes my day..............

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How often do we miss a chance to pay it forward? Having a bunch of kids and grandkids, we often find ourselves in possession of slightly used baby/kid things that we'll pass on to tenants or whatever. Last week I had received back a bassinett that our daughter had used for our grandson, and then gave to us to loan to a tenant. I had planned to donate it to a local center, and couldn't seem to coordinate my schedule with the few hours a week they are open, so it was sitting in my car a few days. I suffer form social anxiety and rarely go out, but needed to make a trip to Walmart and as I was coming out I spotted a VERY pregnant woman and her bf/husband walking into the store. It was a VERY cold and windy day, yet neither had a jacket on, so after a few moments of serious self-talk, I walked toward them and said, I have a weird question, do you need a bassinett. Of course they looked at me like I was nuts, but I said, I happen to have a practically brand new bassinett, used only a couple months in my car that I've been looking to donate, please help me get it out of my car as I need the room and cannot find a place to donate it? They looked a bit shocked, a bit nervous and skeptical, so I just opened the back of my car and pulled it out and handed it to them. They smiled and I could barely see the tears in their eyes through the tears in my own, they thanked me numerous times as I got in my car and drove off, but I was so thankful and happy. I overcame my anxiety for a moment, and it made my whole day. God must have known I would run into this couple and put me in the right place at the right time-I only wish I'd given them my number, as my husband came home that day with an almost new infant seat! Maybe stalking Walmart is a good idea?
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