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Running shoes

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Can't say that i have ever bought them until yesterday The husband took me to a place called run with it and they measured my feet and made me do a bunch of tests nd now i can see why people spend a pretty penny on some awesome running shoes!!!!! i bought asics ill post a pic of my exact pair in a sec but they feel amazing i also got a gym membership and signed my daughter up for soccer at the YMCA yesterday I am so excited for her and all the changes for the family!!! Tonight I am going to go to the gym even if I just walk on the treadmil for 30 minutes that's still something I am going to get in a routine more starting monday but for now im just gunna get used to the gym! anyway heres the new kicks! exact color and everything!!! so stoked sorry i feel off the wagon a little bit there but never fear im back and have not gained!

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