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Recommitting To My Weight Loss Journey...

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

So this may sound silly, because I have been consistent on Spark over 10 months, I have tracked everything religiously, I am participating in a BLC Challenge which I do take very seriously, but I am recommitting to give this 110% again. If you are on my BLC team, I don't want you to think I've been slacking the last couple of weeks emoticon but I know where there is room for improvement.

The biggest room for improvement for me is my food choices! I also need to eat more frequently with more snacks and more HEALTHY choices. I have always been honest about the fact that my food choices are not always the best. I can be a very lazy person, and I needed something EASY to take to work. So that meant lean pockets, easy mac, etc. As I said, I am under no illusion that the highly processed foods are healthy, and I never made that claim. But when I was 272 pounds and eating fast food all the time, ANY sort of food change that was less than 3,000 calories pretty much resulted in weight loss. It was quick and painless for me, and it made it easy for me to stick to because it took no real effort on my part.

But I think I am finally ready to take this to the next level and focus more on the nutrition aspect. When I eat healthier foods, I can eat more for the same amount of calories and feel full longer, which often prevents me from overeating. Am I saying I will never have another easy mac again in my life? Well no, not exactly, but I want to make the nutrition part of my lifestyle change my new hobby.

By that I mean I want to try healthy foods that I've never tried before. I want to start making meal plans. I want to start COOKING and trying different healthy recipes. I did that for a while and I loved it but then I got lazy again. I felt a sense of pride when I actually planned my meals and wasn't just grabbing what was quick and easy. I also thoroughly enjoyed some of the recipes and they were fun and enjoyable to eat.

So, I am done being lazy. I am done hovering in the same weight range. I know that all calories are not created equal but now I need to start applying that to my life. Out of pure boredom I will be reading The Revolutionary Shred Diet by Dr. Ian Smith, and I may take some tips from his 4-day diet book that I already have. Please don't think I am hopping on the fad diet bandwagon, that isn't my intention. I think after being over 10 months in it shows that I am committed to this as a lifestyle change and I am not looking for a "quick fix" or anything by following some of the meal plans that come with these diets. I am just using them as a guide for healthy eating, for also learning proper meal timing and getting reacquainted with what a healthy meal looks like. Because as I said, eating what I've been eating does not resemble anything of a healthy meal (most of the time).

I just really needed to type this out and put it out into the Spark-verse to just really solidify my recommitment to a healthy lifestyle and to take my journey to the next level. If I ever want to see Onederland and that ipod, I really need to step it up big time. emoticon
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  • no profile photo CD13167855
    I'm a cook. I did it with small children and a full time job. I rarely eat processed foods. Once you get in the habit of cooking, you'll find that you have the time and enjoy it. I can make homecooked meals in less than twenty minutes which is as long as it takes to make processed food. Enjoy the journey. Best of luck.
    3050 days ago
    One of the things I do when we shop is as soon as I get home, I put everything into one size servings. If I've got pretzel sticks or Baked chips, I weigh out 1 oz and put them into baggies, I bake a tray of chicken breast and cut them up into 3 oz servings and freeze them in the little baggies [BUT, putting all of them in a BIG ziplock freezer bag], I buy those plastic glad containers and I make 10 servings of Chinese stir fry [freeze them] and if I want different flavors I leave the seasoning off until I microwave them and I've got 5 or 6 bottles of flavoring. I've even made rice and waited for it to cool and put 1 cup servings in those baggies and froze it.. works great! You can learn to make your own Fast Foods and processed without all the bad ingredients.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    You should check out SP Chief Meg's recipes, they have a gal right on this site who helps with fast and easy recipes. Cook and freeze your own TV dinners!!! emoticon
    3051 days ago
    You are doing so great. Keep moving forward. You are such a success story in the making.
    3053 days ago
    Well done!!!

    3055 days ago
  • JUDY106
    Proud of you. It sounds like you are aware of what you need to do for a healthier you.

    i know you can do it. Remember trail and error. It will all work out.

    Best of luck.
    3056 days ago
    I wish I had the motivation to give up the processed foods. I have such a hard time with that. I do try to eat healthier but it's the convenience part that gets me. Being a mommy is time consuming.. and adding in exercise on top of everything kind of puts me at the max for time-wise. I do know one recipe that is really easy.. and good for you! Put Boneless chicken breasts in a crockpot, taco seasoning on top of them (we use a packet of seasoning but you could make your own if you wanted it to be healthier), and then dump a jar of salsa (or if you wanted to make your own of that as well) on top of them. Cook that for low for 6-8 hours. It kind of looks weird after the salsa is cooked onto it.. but SO yummy. You can add other ingredients like beans or rice.. or even shred the chicken for making burritos, etc. PS.. that Ipod is definitely motivation.. Just think about it. When you start eating healthier, your body will be able to process it alot better and will make it that much easier to lose weight! Onederland is just around the corner for you! Hop (or at least walk) to it! emoticon
    3057 days ago
    That's the spirit!
    emoticon emoticon
    3057 days ago
    Good luck with the cooking and preparing of meals..... its time that it takes and a few tries till you find your "favorites " !! LOL.... you are not being silly and I totally get and understand about the re-commit thing...... the longer it takes to reach a big goal the harder it is to have the SAME MOMENTUM so to speak !!

    3057 days ago
    I hope this becomes easier than you were anticipating and that cooking becomes more simple for you. I personally love cooking; I just hate the clean up afterward. :)

    You know there are tons of Spark recipes and I've found that a lot of them aren't too complicated. You can search them by category (chicken, breakfast, vegetarian, etc) and I really find that helps.

    I look forward to hearing about your cooking adventures! :D
    3057 days ago
    I don't have a lot of time during the week to cook if I actually get out and exercise like I'm supposed to, so I try to do all my cooking on Sundays. I'll make one large dinner that I can split into 4-5 portions, like a meatloaf or casserole. You can even make pasta in a batch and stick it in the fridge in portioned sizes to reheat later. Soups work well too. I'll make a pot of soup and split it out for lunches and add a wrap or a sandwich and a piece of fruit for each day. This past Sunday, I did a turkey meatloaf for dinners, vegetable soup for lunches, and crustless spinach quiches for breakfasts. Just being able to grab and go makes it so much easier to stick to a plan and eat healthier food.

    Start out with 1-2 meals a week you want to try to ease into it. Like maybe try a dinner and a lunch that you can split into leftovers for a few days. The crockpot works well, but for some recipes, you can only cook it for 6-8 hours a a time, which may not be an option with your kind of shift work. That doesn't work for me either, so I would need to still either do those on my days off or find a recipe that call for 10 hours or longer.

    I'm excited for you. You've done great with the changes you've already made, but you want to push yourself further, and that's AWESOME!
    3057 days ago
    Good on ya!! Here's to amazing results!
    3057 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12976312
    Congrats on making such an important decision! It makes all the difference in the world to have your calories coming from quality foods. It will take a couple weeks to get used to the time commitment, but it is so worth it. I look forward to seeing your results, and more than that, how much better you feel!
    3057 days ago
    Woo! Looks like we are on the same "learn to cook" adventure!!

    I've done some looking on Pinterest, etc., and the thing that is working best for me is slow cooker recipes, and batch cooking!

    You can do it!
    3057 days ago
    You will do great. You need some easy do ahead recipes. What I do, is I cook once or twice for the week and then reheat. it makes meal planning simpler. I would also invest in a slow cooker if you don't have one. You can prepare the food in advance and then put it in the crock pot in the morning. When you get home, it is ready.

    Good luck. I know you will do great. You have a lot of insight into what is going on with you. Don't sell yourself short.
    Woo Hoo

    3057 days ago
  • AELI2468
    Yay!! I am with you on the recomitting! I have really gotten back into some less healthy habits over the last few months, and want to step it up a notch as well. For me, meal planning is crucial!

    3057 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan. Good whole foods is where it's at. Save the not-so-good for you foods for special occasions. emoticon
    3057 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12088077
    You are just so great. Way to go on recognising what needs to happen and making a plan to do so! I really need to get back into the whole meal planning idea, it DOES make you feel more accomplished and of course you choose healthier items!
    3057 days ago
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