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TWHD...who would've thunk!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As you know I have been taking swim lessons. So far I have learnt the crawl and how to breathe while swimming. I also go few days to practice what I have learnt.

Today I was doing my practice sessions on the beach. I swam one way, with the crawl and then the other way fluttered my feet and rotated my hands basically practicing my breathing. Then some guy said...I wish I could do the butterfly so smoothly, all I can do is the crawl.

I was gracious but in my mind I was like whaaat? I can't swim!!!

When I came home the first thng I did was google how to do the butterfly and that's what I was doing!!!


Defeat can suck it....I taught myself the butterfly...who would have thunk how awesome this journey is becoming!!!
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