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In Twelve Weeks...

Monday, January 28, 2013

I will have added another number to the birthdays and will be saying I am...57 now. Yikes, how did that happen. emoticon

That's why I'm a Sparker, that's why I'm doing this BLC21 Challenge. The weeks and years will keep on coming and I want to be fit, healthy, happy and able to say I have done my best. AND I want to have fun doing it!

So, in twelve weeks,

1. I would like to see that at least 8 pounds have melted away. emoticon

2. I would like the tape measure to show inches lost. emoticon

3. I would like to have increased cardio exercises and logged at least 1000 minutes per month. emoticon

4. I want to have more energy. emoticon

Tracking food in the nutrition tracker, participating in the BLC21 daily and weekend challenges, along with the other fitness activities are all excellent ways to make these goals a reality.

But the biggest tool is to:

SHOW UP - everyday - consistently - like it's my job.
JUST DO IT - everyday - consistently - like it's my job.
NO WHINING - everyday - consistently! (I reserve the right to still whine about my job - lol!)

Anyway, you get the picture. Exercise, eat right, keep track and results should follow!

And in twelve weeks I will start it all over again...
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