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Do you do exercises you hate?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ok so I need advice because I'm not sure if I'm being lazy and/or dramatic. So I'm starting Insanity tomorrow and I don't know if I hate it or not and if I find that I do hate it should I do it? Now let me try to explain that a little better. Insanity is hard! And I can say its not fun lol I know that so I do dislike it...greatly, but I dont know if I hate it. I loved the fact that I lost a lot a weight and I loved that I felt so accomplished when I would finish a workout because even though it wasnt perfect I still tried my best and did what I could and it really paid off! Now I will say I did feel like maybe it changed my moods a little bit like I was more snappy and easily frustrated but that honestly could have been because of other situations so I don't know. Would you guys do a exercise that you could potentially hate?
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    I wouldn't do any exercise I hate. Been there, done that. They key to long-term healthy living is finding stuff you enjoy, so that you can stick with it long-term. I have a couple diets I've done in the past that I KNOW work. However, they were so NOT fun, that I didn't stick with them even though I saw results. I'm much happier now that I'm using Spark, and not "dieting" anymore. The weight isn't coming off as fast, but it IS coming off and I'm not miserable in the process. Don't let yourself me miserable babe. Life is too short!
    3105 days ago
    Hang in there and give it a few days - you might find you like how you feel afterwards, or it'll get easier and you'll not hate it anymore.

    I HATE riding an exercise bike. I had to do it twice for physical therapy (knee and ankle surgery) and so we bought one. I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Love bike riding out in the real world, but it's one exercise in a gym I honestly hate!
    3110 days ago
    PS: I'm not saying you have to do Insanity per se. But many exercises are not enjoyable. Pushing yourself to go beyond like Insanity does is what a lot of programs will require. Set your goals before picking a workout. If your goals aren't aligned with Insanity, perhaps try something that is? :-) Good luck!
    3110 days ago
    It's not about hating the exercise, it's about desiring the results behind doing said exercise. Once you start seeing results, you'll start liking the exercise because it gets easier and you feel stronger.

    I hate push ups. However I wanted to build up my arms soon I was strengthening those up and it was getting easier. I didn't like lifting weights because I found it boring, however I took a weight lifting class after I realized that more muscle burns more calories. Soon I began to like lifting weights.

    Think of it like homework. You may not like the homework, but you like the good grades, the success, the college degree. Realize the work behind something isn't something you may like, it just helps you enjoy what your goal is to be.
    3110 days ago
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