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BLC 21 transformation - Note to self

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do you remember the feeling of being out of control and wishing you hadn't given up? Do you remember the feeling of cleaning out your closet of clothes you don't wear, not because they are ratty or no longer your style, but because you no longer fit into the? Do you remember the feeling of seeing your family and friends and thinking, will they notice that I have put on another 20 pounds since last year?

Do you remember the promise you made that you would not go through another summer in your fat clothes, and that by buying the larger size, it was not supposed to be a permanent thing...and you were going to shed the pounds and get back into your jeans that make you feel so good!!! Now that you had these feelings...lets not forget how good it feels to chart all the food you eat, yes that means measuring the slice of ham, or the tab of butter....and finding that you are in control, your calories are within range, and your protein, carb, and fat ratios are right on.....Ending the day having consumed all your water and yes...going to bed slightly hungry!!!! Do you remember how good that feels!!!! Being in control!!!!

Do you remember how good it feels to get off the treadmill all sweaty and feeling like you just got out of a pool! Do you remember how good it feels to do what you struggled to do last week a little bit easier and then some!!!

Do you remember how good it feels to chase the kids around and not get out of breath after 20 seconds and give them a run for their money!!!!!

Well - I hope you never forget any of it....because when you do - then the appreciation is forgotten. Don't lose sight of your goals. Don't lose sight of how you feel when you are doin it!!!!! and now...continue to do it!
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