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I don't want to jinx it, but I think the FOOD POLICE have RETIRED!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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So I don't want to jinx anything, but my work had the WORST food police ever! But I realized that they must have turned in their badges emoticon and moved on. I think part of this is due to some intense drama with a recent break up in the work place and that everyone is pre occupied with that (thank goodness!), but it even goes to before that.

In the last few weeks I have not heard any of the following:
Should you be eating that? emoticon
One cookie won't kill you! emoticon
Should you really be having a donut? emoticon
Well, it's okay to eat bad some of the time. emoticon

I get both ends of the spectrum. I have people that want to feed me and people who want to analyze everything I put in my mouth. I know for a fact there were many people wondering how long until I was "off the wagon" and I can confidently say 10 months in they've given up on me gaining my weight back.

The questions about "are you losing weight" have stopped emoticon and no one really comments on it anymore. That is a relief to me, compliments are always nice, but I like being back under the radar where I like to occupy most of my time. emoticon It's kind of like they have accepted 214-pound-Stephanie (give or take a few pounds) as the new Stephanie, and I like that a lot. I also haven't lost weight in a few months, and now that I am on the losing trend again, I kind of like that I will be able to lose probably another 20 pounds before anyone notices me getting smaller. I'd really like to fly under the radar until I get to 170 and then come in free dress one day that really shows my progress and just be like BAM, here I am. LOL. (We wear uniforms at work but have free dress on Sundays) But we'll see what happens.

I just wanted to share my joy, because being able to eat anything from broccoli to an ice cream cone and not be questioned is amazing in these parts!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats mamaz! May I suggest that when you get down to you 170lbs and just buy the most bangest dress in the world that's a really nice color on you and just show off!
    3064 days ago
    I am glad that they are focused on other stuff.

    You are doing such an awesome job! Keep up the great work!
    3064 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13287288
    Oh my goodness, this is why I didn't tel many people I was on this journey! I hate when they say "You should try this, my sister did this diet..." Or "wow you eat a lot of carbs...", "and the "Should you be eating that?!" JUST KILLS ME!

    You are doing great, so proud of you!

    3064 days ago
    Food police are the worst! Like it's any of their business! Glad to hear that they are preoccupied!
    3064 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12847271
    You can do it. I hate when people like to sabatage my efforts or go overboard the other way as well. emoticon
    3064 days ago
    i think this is something that is going to get you down to onederland! Because really it messes with your mind more than you think when you have people saying all those different things all the time. I think you function much better being under the radar!
    3064 days ago
    Hahah oh Stephanie - this is great! What a relief that they've buggered off!! Yahoo!!

    Enjoy your SUPER awesome birthday week - very excited for you and can't wait to hear how it all goes!!
    3064 days ago
  • ADZY86
    Urgghhh what is with people?! I had food police EVERYWHERE at my old workplace! It was very annoying. They saw me go from eating anything and everything, to being more disciplined and not indulging in the snack cupboard all day long like them, and it was daily chat about what I was and was not eating. Thankfully I've changed jobs and they know no different here. Gives me motivation to not slip back into my old ways, because that would probably start the talking again.
    3064 days ago
    It is really funny to me that you have had so many different types of police tracking you! Are you riding dirty? lol You are so funny but I can relate to all the "police" watching and pushing and reading you your rights on the food you eat or don't eat. Why can't people just ...okay you know what I am going to say. We have talked about it time and time again! lol

    Maybe they got busted for being "dirty cops"! lol Okay you know I love my cop shows! lol
    3065 days ago
    You make me laugh. Nothing like new gossip to have some peace and quiet around the work place is there, lol?
    3065 days ago
    Very nice that the food police are gone, they are the worst!!
    3065 days ago
    Oh wow, I cannot believe anyone would have the nerve to say "Should you be eating that?" People really need to mind their own business! I'm glad they've decided to move on though to other things. Probably because you didn't react or let them get to you. It's just the equivalent of high-school bullying on an adult level.
    3065 days ago
    emoticon But YOU are your own Sheriff and you don't need any stinkin' food police to monitor YOU! Glad you recognize that. I can't wait to read the follow-up when you next strut in owning the NEXT chapter of your journey to a fitter, healthier YOU! YOU are writing this story and you know it's a life style and journey not a diet where there are any emoticon "can you" or "should you" eat that. If you want to and you plan it (even if you didn't); it's up to YOU! emoticon emoticon
    3065 days ago
    There's at least one in every crowd!
    3066 days ago
    I hate when people start to analyze my foods. I can eat what I want.. in moderation. Some people don't realize there is a difference between a diet and a change in eating habits. As for the compliments.. I don't mind them now.. but I know that will eventually change. You are making amazing changes to your body that nobody else can understand. Maybe that was driving them crazy. Haha.
    3066 days ago
    3066 days ago
    Glad to hear the food police have backed off. emoticon

    It gets so old when people have to stick their nose in other's business all the time. Since I have stalled out the last 3 months no one has asked me if I am still losing and most don't pay attention to what I am eating or not.
    3066 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12188126
    Thank goodness those wrotten food police have hit the road! Don't you just hate it when everyone is commenting and focussing on your food intake??? The looks. That's what makes me crazy.

    Just do your thing and keep losing weight and when they notice the next 20 lbs down - then just give them the big smile!!!!!!!!!!

    Go get em! Make sure you take pics on free dress day when it comes around - and take a few pics of coworkers stunned faces - that you are even thinner !
    Go Stephanie Go!
    3066 days ago
    My dad is my food police... And he keeps giving this disappointed look when I eat something which he thinks is "bad", like an extra piece of chocolate, although I have totally tracked it. He believes that you have to eat REALLY SMALL PORTIONS in order to lose weight, he still doesn't get the tracking system.
    For now, we keep away from each other's hair, we agree to disagree about the method. emoticon
    Whatever people may say, losing is easy comparing to maintenance. And it seems you are doing a great job in both of them! emoticon
    Well done!
    3066 days ago
    You can do it! Glad to hear those people are off your back.
    3066 days ago
    Looking forward to your report when you wow them on Free dress day.
    3066 days ago
    I went completely off for the last couple of days. I have had carbs galore. Not a word came out of my wife. It was amazing. Tomorrow, I will be right back to low carb eating. Could someone tell my why continued, consistent weight loss is so hard? Good luck to you. Glenn
    3067 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12088077
    WOOP! You are probably spot on- everyone's probably gotten used to the "new" in progress you, and will probably no longer care what you eat after the newest gossip. People are broken, and they like to see other people fail (it makes them feel better about failing themselves!) so now that they see you aren't going to fail, it's no big deal to them anymore. (at least I hope so!) You are going to look fabulous in that new dress at 170 lbs!!
    3067 days ago
    It amazes me that people would actually say "should you be eating that?" That takes a lot of gall. I'm used to the ones who say "one cookie won't hurt you." They are clueless, but kind. I'm afraid that even though I try not to hurt anyone's feelings and am a Christian, I might have to have a rude comeback to the other group. Glad you're slipping through the enemy lines. Can't wait for that day you come in with the fab dress on. Be sure to share. emoticon
    3067 days ago
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