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Note To Future Self....Failing For Fitness Blog

Saturday, January 19, 2013

You have made lots of great strides to become healthier. You have quit smoking, have become aware of foods rich in anti-oxidents and are learning how to use your diet to keep you healthier. You are looking for foods that will provide value to your body rather than just foods that taste good. You have made lots of changes such as replacing foods that aren’t good for you like white sugar and white bread and pasta with whole wheat bread and spaghetti squash or a healthier form of these foods.
You have become knowledgeable and read the labels to make sure the food your eating is not going to sabotage your plans. You also like to find foods that are fun and you like to make changes to old foods to make them healthier. Such as taco night – using black beans instead of ground meat, and getting a taco in a bowl to pass on the shell or soft taco – adding avocado instead of sour cream.
You have struggled with finding exercise that is fun, and have learned how important it is for you to have a support system and someone to check in with to be accountable about what you are doing.
You have struggled with keeping exercise an important part of your daily life, and through stress and hurdles you always come back around because you know how important it is for you to move and sweat!!
I want to caution you to begin to evaluate yourself internally to find out why you sabotage your efforts when you become depressed and what you can do to realize this is happening and to avoid the triggering situations . (sometimes you realize this and other times you forget). This is something that you have struggled with….I also want to remind you how important it is to exercise, it shreds the stress off as you sweat it out!!! Due to your lifestyle and your personality without intense workouts – you bottom out. Remember to commit yourself to exercise and push your limits!!! You always find self worth and pride in yourself when you complete a workout like this!!!
What is exciting is in 2012 you decided this was the year for you to become healthy and you made a lot of changes. You didn’t see the pounds leave you as you had hoped and in 2013 you took your journey to a new level. You began your journey of becoming a mom and made a commitment to a physically and emotionally healthier you….this was your best year!!!! You realized great things through this.
Thank you for the preparation and the commitment. You have made a gift for yourself. Oh – and don’t forget to drink your water….add the lemon and lime slice to it – you know that helps you to drink it !!!
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