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Reasons for healthy choices...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I started smoking when I was 14 and gave it up at ..36 I think. I had two reasons - one was that I had said that if I had any negative consequences from smoking i would give it up, and I had started having some bronchitis trouble... it took me about six months from when I started having that little "bubble" in my breath until I really stopped.
But the main reason was laziness... it was getting harder and harder to be a smoker, smoking was prohibited in more and more areas and when I read that they were going to take away smoking departments from train I knew that it was better to stop before I was forced too... it was getting really uncomfortable to be a smoker, you had to walk outside and stand shivering in the cold and have that drug... not really worth it.

With drinking it was fear - I experienced that I was drinking more each year and knew that if it continued I might cross that line where I no longer could admit that I was worried. I hear a lot of denial but I am almost the opposite, I sometimes say that I am one of the very few alcoholics that has became sober before I even became an alcoholic.

I was helped by society -with smoking because society restricted smoking and made it hard to execute. Drinking the same - in Sweden there is a special store for alcohol and that during the eighties government decided that it should be closed not only sundays but saturdays as well (this was when most stores still was closed on sundays) I just had to hang in there until six in the afternoon on fridays - after that it would be very hard or expensive to get my hands on alcohol and as I am lazy.... since then they have changed again and you can buy alcohol saturdays again... or I am not sure as I have not needed the service for eight years.

Of course "fat explosion" is not only the decline of willpower in people, it is access and exposure of unhealthy food. As an example - about 20 years ago (or is it 25?) they started to sell candy in bulk, at first a modest exposure but nowadays it looks like this:

and the consumptions of candy among swedes has risen a lot since...

Fear of lunch cancer did not empower me to stop smoking, fear of heart failure and pains in my feet and all other symptoms overweight is giving me does not stop me from being overweight - what does that tell me? Partly that I am too deep in addiction - but I was a really addicted smoker as well but gave it up when it became too much work.

Fear is not enough to make me lose weight. neiter is the inconvenience and pains I get from being fat, I do believe that an optimal organized surrounding might help me - as little tempting foods exposed as possible, routines and habits that keeps me on the right side, supportive people, activities that is not connected to eating... it will help but I also need to have that "will power" - I think motivation is the wrong word because I have all the motivation I ever could have but when cravings attacks all that motivation goes out the window...

Just some random thinking on a tuesday morning...off to work!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    A very interesting blog. Seems your laziness is quite good for your health! lol
    Here in The Netherlands most stores still are closed on Sundays.

    PS - regarding willpower, a friend of mine can't stop talking about a book called 'The willpower instinct' by Kelly McConigal, about self-control. It appears that it is a mixture with 'mindfulness' or so? And translated into Dutch so it may also be available in Swedish. (Not that you seem to need that). He's very enthousiastic about it and keeps pushing me to buy it. I have resisted getting it so far but I might read it some time.

    2519 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/15/2013 10:41:55 AM
    Not surprisingly, I couldn't agree with you more! I can control the enviroment in my own house, I can go to the grocery with an "organized" list and skip the isles/departments with foods I choose not to eat. I can do a big shopping once a month and then limit my grocery stops to the perimeter of the store; primarily produce and dairy in between. I can skip fast food entirely, and happily! The hardest of the challenges you list for me is finding supportive people and activities that don't involve food. Eating vegetarian helps me there because it limits the menu choices and a lot of temptation. Alas, all people my age seem to want to do is "go out to eat". Most of my active friends are 10-20 years younger. But, still working and if they have families; short on time. Life will always have challenges and we will always have choices. Make them the best you can!
    2519 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/15/2013 10:11:05 AM
    Those who are addicts whatever kind we have, go through so much grief, I understand being a food addict myself. I went through other addictions before I got to food. Cigarettes plagued my bronchial tubes, after having pneumonia in both lungs I gave up smoking. Food is now my only addiction, and because we don't have a choice about having to eat food, it's much more difficult I think to control it but it can be done....I found OA.
    2519 days ago
    in my recollection, life in sweden in the 70s did not require "healthy choices" for food - smoking and alcohol, yes, but really only whole, natural foods were available then. mcdonalds and the other fast foods did not come until the mid to late 70s (i remember the first burger king in malmö very well; DH remembers the grand opening of the first pizza restaurant in malmö was a huge affair!). obesity did not exist in sweden then - it seemed to come when fast food restaurants were everywhere, and when TV was suddenly 24 hours - and store shelves became lined with potato chips, etc.

    2520 days ago
    Controlling our surroundings can be as important as motivation. All the motivation in the world can be defeated by a momentary cave in to cravings for sweets.
    2520 days ago
    my wake up call to loose weight was me having to go into the hospital and npow having a hearyt condition.
    BTW here in craighead county in arkansas, its not only a dry county but in the state of arkansas they are not allowed to sell liquer on sundays, so lol on sundays most of my working buddies travel to missouri so they can drink, me i drink 1 time a year usually at new year but this year i hjad baby duty so it was on b-day this year..good luck in your endeavers, and remember sparkpeople are here for you.
    2520 days ago
    Brilliant, Meddy - and you're so right. It seems as tho food manufacturers and supermarkets all pay lip service to the concept of "Making it healthier for YOU!" but they aren't really changing. If anything, there seem to be more and more fat-laden / sugar-laden / salt-laden super processed and refined foods on the shelves.

    And as addictions go, it's so hard to have to control the "drugs" we need for survival.

    I don't drink either, and as you know, I quit nicotine quite a while back. But in so many ways, those were easy compared to the massive willpower needed to deal with food intake every meal, every day...
    2520 days ago
    I don't keep tempting foods in my home, simply because I will eat if it is here. I will eat all of it and then be mad at myself. I eat less tempting foods if I have to go else where to get them.
    Well maybe tempting isn't the right word, I find bananas tempting...just sayin...lol
    2520 days ago
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