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Saturday, January 12, 2013

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It takes a long time to become young.

Pablo Picasso

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I am very happy for being good at being childish... I have mostly the good side of it - love to play, it is easy to see the fun in everything, I am curious and not afraid to try new things. And I am grown-up enough not to suffer from feeling victimized or treated unfair or whatever else is negative about being childishThere is that impulsiveness that I used to think was a good thing because it made me so "wonderfully spontaneous" but the impulses are to blame for most times I have fallen off the wagon on my road to healthy wieght(or balanced economy or a tidy house...)

There was an offer to get some free days on...mQ-something on Spark People blogs yesterday. I did som personality test and to be honest, the explanations about how the test came out in I found too complicated to understand but making the test made me very aware where my problems are three things: I don´t like my body, I don´t trust myself and I worry a lot. When I answered the questions I could clearly see that I have no problems in connecting with other people, in doing a good job and feeling ok in my competence, in enjoying life and blancing things as they should be, in taking on new challenges, in being supportive and caregiving, in learning new things and daring to involve myself in new surroundings etc. etc... that test suddenly showed me that most of my worries are brain ghosts and I do really have the possiblity to get more healthy also.

Had a hard time going to bed yesterday without eating, daughter borught a friend who is vegetarian for the weekend, I made potato and leek soup (my daughter loves that) and served with whole wheat bread. We had dinner at about six a clock and then the girls had popcorn in front of teve. I stayed away and started to feel very ...craving at nine o clock. Did not want to go to bed before the girls, made a big jug of indian "chai" - found the recipe in Wikihow - grated ginger and boiled with water, added some black tea and sugar and last some milk. It contained 85 cal whoich was well inside my daily limit so I think I will try to make a habit of a that evening tea because it felt very nurturing to have it. Although I have a hard time to establish habits at night, mornings are a lot easier but teve usually runs my nights...To manage that I would need to plan ahead and record the things I want to see and limit myself to max 1.5 hours a night...doable but need planning. My goal would be to get t allow television between eight and ninethirty, spend half an hour reflecting and preparing for the next day and get to bed by ten... I will not try that today since the girs are here and that probably means that I will not have any teve at all... girls doing "Just dance 4" and having really funny with it.
I will go to my theatre to pick up my firehoop - I have decided to practice a lot of off-body with a smaller hoop as that would make me able to participate in our fire-shows rather quick, to hoop around my waist with a fire hoop will take a lot more practice before it is steady and fun to watch. I could not afford more than four fire wicks and can´t have them on both the big hoop that is required if I want to waist hoop and the smaller that will function better in off-body moves. I will go surfing on youtube to find interesting off-body moves that does not require too much skill but still looks dramatic if done with a fire hoop...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like the quote too. My grandchildren helped me rediscover child like fun. Retirement also helped.
    I refuse to be hungry too. Came across a "test" that I already had found works. The article called it the "apple test". If you're hungry, have an apple (or carrots or some other healthy snack). If you don't want the apple; you're not really hungry. I enjoy snacking in the evening and have no plans to give it up; but I do plan for it.
    2524 days ago
    Re bedtime tea: I have a cup of camomile every night after I've gotten in bed. I read a book, get drowsy, then lights out. Works for me, lol...

    Re fire hoop: O - M - G, Meddy, but you're a brave woman--!!!
    2524 days ago
    Three hours after a meal the stomach will usually be empty again, so I'm not surprised that you felt like eating at 9 pm.
    My own rule of thumb now is: 'eat when hungry' (and try not to eat when NOT hungry, lol). Trusting that my body will let me know when it needs food through feelings of hunger (true hunger, that is). And when I notice hunger, trying to give it healthy foods. I'm no longer willing to ignore it when I'm hungry, also because with me it only leads to overeating / bingeing later...
    The 'eat when hungry' idea requires of course, that I know when I have true hunger and not emotional or mind hunger. (Blogged about this a little yesterday when I mentioned Marna Thall).
    2524 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/12/2013 3:52:13 AM
    I like the Picasso quote. For me , I think it took leaving my job and being reitired for over a year, that led to my own refinding of that childlike enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. Thanks for the blog entry. Glenn
    2525 days ago
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