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Pork - oink, oink!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I was readin a post about the feeling of stuffing your mouth with something you really like... and I ca relate to that. But it is not sugar, desserts or bread that give me fantasies that make the saliva running, it is pork. Pork shoulder with rice, some brot or sauce and then just stuff my mouth very full and chew.... that vision can hit me really hard in the store and make me buy pork meat. Yesterday there was a good price on pork shoulder and I was searching the lot for the smallest piece and my imagination was filled with that feeling in my mouth...but all the packeted pieces was at least 1.3 kilos and that was too much, I managed to walk away and had tea with salomon sandwich for supper...not the best choice but it does not give me the same craving as pork does.

Pork IS a problem for me as it is not considered "junk" by food and diet industry I feel sort of alone in my conviction that it is something I ought to take away from my food plan. I would probably have the same problem with beef but beef is so expensive that I simply can´t buy that often enough to regard it as a problem.

Spark friend Joy succeeded in her wieght loss journey once she became vegetarian, I am rather sure that it would help me a lot too... but I have not been able to do it so far. I keep relapsing to meat and then I redirecty my efforts into avoiding sugar or bread or something else that I find comparedly easy.

There is another side of this that has nothing to do with my health - it is the health of the animlas.... After listening and reading about how pigs are treated in for eample Denmark I only buy swedish pork, it is more expensive but still manageable on my budget. It is the same with chicken - the only chicken I should eat is the organic and that cost about six or seven times more than ordinary chicken and I prefer to close my mind to the knowledge I have how the ordinary chicken meat is produced.

Eggs... I can afford organic eggs. Diary products,I know enough about how swedish milk cows are treated to be able to eat diary products, that makes beef ok also.

Fish... I love salmon but seeing how the "Not-wild" salmon is produced is not nice even though it´s hard to imagine that fish has any opinions on things....

I have two angles on this.1.My compulsive personality tells me to stay away from pork, even organically produced pork.
2. Environment conciense tells me not to eat poultry, only "wild" fish and be careful about what beef and diary I choose.

It might be the best to become vegetarian, it would probably suit my wallet and compulsive nature best. But I have not succeeded so far, and I am afraid that I am having some "foodaholic" issue with this...

To be continued....
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  • SILLYHP1953
    Of course vegetarians have to be concerned with pesticides and fertilizers, unless they eat all organic and that is quite expensive. I do not eat very much meat.
    2454 days ago
    I eat a lot less meat than I used to because I don't want to contribute to how these animals are treated. I don't know that I will ever be completely vegan. I do try to be careful where my meat comes from (imperfectly so).
    2529 days ago
    I've been considering going vegan but my husband is strictly a meat and potato man
    2530 days ago
    I follow the laws of kashrut, so I do not eat pork.

    My DH and I are dedicated meat and chicken consumers. Our faith states that kosher animals are on this earth for our use. This practice started with Noach, who was granted to ability to kill and eat kosher animals because he had saved the species. Prior to Noach, we could eat an animal only if it died naturally. The whole concept of kosher was developed from a statement in the Torah about not cooking a kid (baby goat) in its mother's milk, as it would be too cruel to the mother.

    I am digressing. We buy kosher meat (which is much more expensive than other kinds) which means the animal was treated humanely in life and killed humanely. The carcass is closely inspected for disease.

    While every person must make a health and ethical choice about what they will eat, eating meat can be a good choice.
    2530 days ago
    It's your choice whether or not to give up meat, but if you do, make sure you fill up on healthy proteins. I myself prefer to eat meat, but make an effort to go one day a week without it. I call it meatless Mondays.
    2530 days ago
    I had to ease into eating vegetarian Cecelia; I started trying to be vegan and found that too restrictive. I do eat dairy, eggs, wild caught salmon and tuna. That said, it was a slow evolution. I do not miss the meat at all. But I think you can have your meat and a healthy diet too; for me it just controled a lot of calories other than the meat itself that often came with it. Bread, gravy, starchy vegetables. I've gone from eating generous meals to being more of a "grazer". You will find what works for you.
    2531 days ago
    I have a DH who likes meat with his veggies so I prep lots of vegetarian for me and
    add meat on the side for him, Fish we do eat a lot, I try as much as possible to go for veggies ,legumes and fruits. Trying to avoid hormones and other stuff in commercially produced meats.
    Bit I agree a piece of good pork ,,,yum and a steak on occasion is good too.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2531 days ago
    Dear Meddy,
    Happy New Year!

    I'm wondering if it's the "umami" taste that you crave. Are you familiar with that concept? It's the savory flavor. My other thought is the fat that is in pork shoulder. Fat in anything tastes good, too. Look up the nutritional composition of pork shoulder. I know that pork is considered to be more healthy than beef, but pork shoulder is very fatty...which is why it tastes so good. Here in the southern US, there is a whole art to smoking pork shoulder, there are even contests.

    I know what you mean about the ethics of eating meat. If all of us saw the conditions every day that those poor animals are raised in, we would all be vegetarians.
    2531 days ago
    I'm like Kasey, a flexitarian. My DH is dedicated to meat, and I am dedicated to taking as much meat out of our diet as possible, so I prepare vegetarian meals a couple of times a week. In the past, I was completely vegetarian, but found that I do seem to require some meat in my diet.

    I think that easing into a vegetarian diet is a good way to go, as you figure out how to cook and eat vegetarian. It's certainly worth a try.
    2531 days ago
    Ah, but me eating "some" pork fells like an alcoholic ruying to drink "just one drink"... I do think that I could probably drink liquer and beer (as I am not especially fond of any of those) it is the wwine, red wine that leads to drinking too much. BUT it is a lot easier to say "no" to the whole thing than to declare "I drink this but not that"... AND I can attend AA and get support from others when I stick to no alcohol at all... that said I do have couch meicin with alcohol in it and I do take communion, it is alcohol as indulgence I have to avoid.
    In that line it might be the easiest to go for all vegetarian, for environmental reasons I would go for flexitarian but combined with being a compulsive overeater...if I did not like meat it would be easy to decide, but I LOVE meat, could eat it all the time! Giving up meat is maybe like giving up alcohol to a true alcoholic...
    2531 days ago
    For what it's worth, Meddy, I think I've sort of drifted into a "flexitarian" category. I'm not a committed vegetarian / vegan, but I can probably count on one hand the number of meals in any given month that I eat meat. I'd rather have a good, lean hamburger than roast beef, and like you, I like a tasty shoulder joint of pork rather than a center-cut chop. But most of the time, I'm just not hungry for meat - it often doesn't agree with me - so I pass it by and stick with other protein sources, beans and eggs and cheese and yogurt and so forth.

    I can't say I always go organic, nor that I'm the greenest of shoppers, but I try to be aware.

    Wonder if my ethics are flexitarian, too? lol...
    2531 days ago
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