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Monday, January 07, 2013


I have started a Spark Group! I was looking for a group that was not a book club per se but that encouraged people to list the books they have read and to make recommendations or post reviews if they wish. I'm hoping that a few people will join and get their book lists set up. It might be fun at the end of the year to see what you've read and what you've learned.

All genres of books are eligible: history, fiction, cook-books, romances, mysteries, e-books, text-books etc.

So who's willing to jump in and be my next member?
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  • no profile photo CD13425678
    Sign me up!
    3078 days ago
    I'd join if I wasn't already doing this on two threads on LibraryThing (plus another one devoted to short story collections). Always fun to see what people are reading. emoticon
    3079 days ago
    Makes me wish I had time to read something besides legal papers. LOL.
    3080 days ago
  • LISAMG1220
    That is a great idea! :) I will have to check out your group. :)
    3081 days ago
    3082 days ago
    I average a book a week. I'd join but I know I wouldn't follow through. Great idea though. Enjoy!
    3083 days ago
    I love books! :) I'm in.
    3083 days ago
    My Kindle goes with EVERY where! LOL
    3083 days ago
    I did.
    3083 days ago
    definitely in!
    3083 days ago
  • MLH148
    I'm going to try. In grad school I read a non school book a week one semester-- I admit 6 of those weeks were Chronicles of Narnia volumes. It was healthy for me.
    Last year I read Dead End in Norvelt, the Newberry winner. It was a good read.
    Thanks for the idea. emoticon
    3083 days ago
    Just joined! This looks like great fun, and just the thing for those of us who have no agenda when we make up a book list.
    3083 days ago
  • SHOES17
    That is absolutely wonderful. I love to read. I wish you good luck with your team! :)
    3083 days ago
    Don't know if I will join because I too am behind on my Goodreads account but I will keep it in mind and also recommend a great book that I recently read.
    It is "The Yellow Packard" by Ace Collins Great book that will keep you guessing.
    3083 days ago
    Sounds like fun! I'll join, but don't know how often I'll have time to participate. Neat idea!
    3083 days ago
  • ZIGGY7611
    Sounds great! Especially since I wanted to track how many (and what) books I read in 2013! Thanks!
    3083 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    I may not be eclectic enough, but I'll take a look. Nice idea!
    3083 days ago
    I joined your team. I love to read, all kinds of things both fiction and non-fiction.
    3083 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11712373
    I'll give it a shot. I'm currently reading Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowlings, so far so good. :)
    3083 days ago

    I read all sorts of stuff too. I've been reading some nutrition / diet oriented books and posting reviews in Wheat Belly and the Atkins forums, but I read a LOT of other things. I'm pretty forlorn in having no one to talk with about them. Perhaps some other "eclectic readers" will help fill that void.

    I have a very short list of books I really liked and recommend to other bookophiles.
    Down To A Sunless Sea (David Graham)
    Passage (Connie Willis)
    The Hot Zone
    Hanta Yo (Ruth Beebe Hill)

    Probably my favorite author is Tolkien for style. I love language, and so did he. His attention to that, and the worlds he created, are probably the biggest attraction for me. The stories are good, yes. But it's the style I love.

    I like nonfiction, too. I get on binges with things... right now I'm on a theology track. This entails reading lots of what appears to others to be religious texts. I'm not religious, though. Spiritual, yes. Religion interests me only in terms of its historical basis. This may be what puts people in my "circles" off: they are leery of some sort of evangelism, which is the very last thing on my agenda. But it's a topic many people steer far clear of, which I find a shame.

    I've been getting into the science of nutrition, due to trying to lose weight and seeing how we've been led astray. This is another topic which causes some consternation amongst friends and especially family, most of whom still are under the misguided notions of the SAD. Alas. But I have a lot of books on the subject, some popular and some technical. Some just neat foodie books!

    I love MBTI personality typing. I love science. I love animals and nature. I read some popular fiction, although I trend toward medical or crime or science sorts. I have read a few "historical" books, although they seem a lot alike to me, just the names and specifics change. I like a new and surprising viewpoint. Dan Brown drives me crazy (in a good way), by leading you down dead end after dead end, and then finally resolving his tale in most unexpected ways. I've had a run at the paranormal genre, and I like it okay. I prefer it to be something that promotes the reader to question the feelings under their immediate reaction, though. I liked the Anne Rice series, up to a point. I liked Twilight, for that matter, although I didn't want to and didn't really expect to! LOL But it was okay. The current rash of paranormals goes a bit far afield for me now. I keep picking at it. I like imaginative works that get you thinking. I loved Anne McCaffrey's dragons!

    Anyway, I'm eager to see how this new group develops. I'll probably repost a lot of this there, once I find it!

    Hope to see you all around the boards

    3083 days ago
  • POPSY190
    I'm in!
    3083 days ago
  • LE7_1234
    OK, I'm in! But I think I'll have to check in tomorrow--it's past my bedtime, but I still want to read a little before I fall asleep. :-)
    3083 days ago
    I am an extremely eclectic reader but I can barely keep up with my Goodreads so I'm afraid I have to pass on this invitation! Bonne chance et bonne année!
    3083 days ago
    Eclectic reader ----- is ME!!!

    I was a dedicated reader in my younger years....loved (still do) books. Have
    'em everywhere!!! But I never had a favorite genre or author... I read NYT best sellers, English murder mysteries. biographies, Russian novels and some of the classics. As I said - Eclectic.
    During my working years ...... most of my reading time was dedicated (alas) to business page reading....learning on the job in my post of VP of Corp Communications for a world wide bank. I had no formal business training..... it was taxing, and I had nothing left in me for pleasure reading.
    Now, that I have time in retirement, I've developed a number of very painful conditions - which require mind dulling pain drugs. Plus, my hands have become very arthritic - so holding a book open....can be a challenge.

    Enter --- Kindle!!! Given that I suffer severe brain fog and memory lapses ---- I still love reading. So -- with all those caveats -- I'd love to join this group and add whatever I read and offer my very humble thoughts on each selection from time to time.

    I know this is long-winded --- just want you all to know 'where I'm coming from'.

    Glad to be on board!
    Libby emoticon
    3083 days ago
    Already joined and posted. Thanks for doing this-- I need a repository for what I'm reading and to get ideas on what to read in the future!
    3083 days ago
    Quick question: Is the group meant for books regarding food/diet? or all books?
    3084 days ago
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