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100 pounds lost and 2 year Spark Anniversary

Friday, January 04, 2013

So…I wasn’t going to blog today but then I realized that today is my 2 year Spark Anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to also be 100 pounds down! Yes, so I peeped at the scale this morning and I am 187.4 ( a little over 100 pounds down, I will change my ticker on Thursday).

To begin, for all who don’t know my story here is a quick “Get to know me.” I started SparkPeople on January 4, 2011; I was standing in the checkout line of the supermarket and I saw a magazine cover that had a lady on it that lost a lot of weight the caption read, “I lost weight with SparkPeople”. The cover struck me and as soon as I returned home I googled SparkPeople and came across this site. I thank God for that moment as it truly changed my life. I signed up but at first I was hesitant, I didn’t post any pictures of myself due to being uncomfortable with the way I looked and also leery of posting pictures on the Internet. Anyway I started Spark that day; I read articles, searched pages and made friends. I started slow, no soda, no eating after 8 pm, no fried foods, etc. Then I started doing the Spark People videos, at 288 pounds boy were they a challenge but I did what I could and gave it my all. I remember my heart pounding and sweating profusely while trying to do the 6 minute Butt Blasting video (which is so easy to me now by the way). Then I started walking, with dreams of jogging…I would go to JMERLAU, ABSOLUTEZERO and SANDIEGO JOHNS pages and see how much they have accomplished and I aspired to be a runner like them (still a work in progress). Well late Jan. 2011 I started jogging slowly and not far but I was moving on May 7, 2011 I ran my 1st .25 mile non-stop (a big accomplishment for me at the time). After I realized that I wouldn’t die from running/jogging I decided to push for 1 mile (boy did that sound far) after getting advice from my running SparkBuddies I set out gradually jogging to increase my distance to a mile and on June 1, 2011 I ran 1 mile non-stop and my time was 9:59 at this time I had also lost well over 70 pounds in 6 months (dedication).

Fast forward about 2 weeks, now I am totally hooked on running and shedding fat and pounds like crazy. One day after running the bleachers at a local high school with my husband and son I come home and felt faint. I immediately knew something was wrong, I sent my husband out to get a pregnancy test and low and behold it was POSITIVE! This was such a wonderful blessing as the doctor had just told me in Dec. 2010 that I would not be able to conceive a baby without fertility meds (which I tried in Dec. but the hormones made me way too sick). I continued to try to work out at first but pregnancy makes me very ill so after getting down to about 216 pounds I had to stop working out, due to sickness my eating habits were not on par either. I drifted away from Spark while pregnant; I tried to check in every few weeks and was always happy to read messages from my SparkFriends while I was away.

June 2012, 1 year after my break from Spark I am ready to come back, I had my wonderful daughter Feb. 5, 2012 and it took be a few months to get my butt back in gear. After I had her I was 250 pounds but by June I had ballooned back up to 270 (OH MY). On June 7, 2012 I started over just like before, full force and with my goal in mind. Now here I am 7 months later 100 pounds down (from my heaviest Spark Weight) and over 80 pounds lost in 7 months. 2 years into my journey and I feel younger and healthier than I have in ages.

I credit my SparkFamily for giving me the guidance and the PUSH that I needed to succeed and for always being there for me. KIBAISREADY always stop by my page when I was inactive to check on me and to cheer me on, this meant so much to me and gave me the motivation that I needed to come back. I have met so many wonderful people on this journey; I cherish every friendship that I have made. I am so excited and blessed to be at this point and so near my goal. For any newbie that may read this blog please know that YOU CAN DO IT! Trust me if I can, YOU CAN. Get up, get active and know that YOU ARE WORTH IT.

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