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my plans for a healthy life style this year(may change)lol

Thursday, January 03, 2013

this year my biggest and probably hardest goal is try to reduce stress which is a big part of my life and i see will always be a big part of my life.i just have to find ways to deal with it better so any tips and ideas are always welcome.

the one i try to live by but must try harder is the serenity prayer


three kids with special needs
a man who is cronacally ill(well i could change this if i wanted too but i don´t want.guess i must love him lol)
my own medical problems.i can change my weight and fitness but the fact that i have antiphosphatelipid anti body syndrome(that i have to take blood thinners for for the rest of my life),aneurysma which the dr has to check regually so then can operate as and when before it gets dangerous again,and my facial parylise which though better will probably never clear completely.
time it takes for dr´s,specialist,therapist and hospital appointments/ stays(they are a nessacary part of all my families life but i will just have to find ways to use the waiting time and travelling time better)
lack of money(through both my husband being out of work and me not being able to work because of my health for over a year)this goes into this as well as the next section as though i cannot change some things i can others maybe.

my weight(by watching what i eat)
my fitness( by doing my exercise regually and making no excuses not to do it)
emotional eating(by accepting more the stuff i cannot change,worrying less,doing other things instead ofstuffing my worries inside me with food.read the section on my spark page on emotional eating when i start to do it to help me put the breaks on)
lack of money(be more satisfied and grateful with what i have rather than concentrateing on things i don´t have.find ways of saving money,makeing things more,bulk buying and cooking etc,etc.)
realising i am only human(so don´t put extra pressure on myself because the household isn´t perfect,etc.maybe rely more on others than leaving it all on my own shoulders.(i realisethis is a big problem as i like to be in control though alot of that is to do with fear like when i was in hospital with ayman and my sil looked after the kids.zakariya didn´t take his medicine and my sil never checked he was taking it.the day he left he ate somethere he shouldn´t and i had him ill for two days because of his allergy)
lack of iron(try and get that more undercontrol.get more on the dr´s for them to find out why it is always low)
have more fun(i guess with all my stress and worries with my family health issues i have forgotten a bit how good having fun is.so i plan to dance everyday and try and do more fun things with the kids.look at shelly here on spark(mommost)she is always having fun in her blogs so will try to take myself less seriously.
another thing that will help me download stress is to be more supportive of others here on sp and in my surrounds.it will help take my mind of my own problems and like my nan always says.no matter how bad your life or problems are there is always someone out there who is worse off.and she is right,
start a gratitude journal and write at least three things for me to be grateful about in it every day.

and like it says in the serenity prayer.

other plans beside less stress
do a dot calender for food and exercise(idea from linda spangler)you have green,yellow and red dots.green for when you did well and you would have lost weight,yellow when you did reasonably well that you think you would have maintained,red that it was terrible that you would have put on weight.this is to get a visual overview by the end of week/month to see at a glance why my weight loss is what it is.obviuosly it would be great to get all greens but upto now the year hasn´t started good.
1st jan
red for food(even though in my range the food wasn´t exactly nutrient dense,lots of sweets,lol)
yellow for exercise(even though i got 2 hours in i didn´ßt do what i planned to do everyday.i will get a green when i stick to my plan)
2nd jan
red for food(even though this time i ate relatively healthy i ate way over my range,lol)
green for exercise.

my exercise plan for green is
100 crunches at least a day
5 km at least a day.
4 days a week,dumbell reps.
at least 30 mins cardio a day.
anything more than that is a plus

cut down on sugar

keep up with no diet coke.

so basially that is my plan/goals for this year though like i say they can change as i go along.

so once again i would like to thank you my friends for taking time to read my blog and n extra thanks for thoes who reply.with all the stress´s in my life i don´t always get time to thank you all personally and i appologise for that but believe you me i do really appreciate.take care and keep smiling and remeber the serenity prayer it can save alot of stress.hugs emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD11570676
    emoticon emoticon
    i hope tht your plan is going well
    2875 days ago
    emoticon And P.S. I know you will stick to your plan. emoticon

    2875 days ago
    Hi Karen,

    Have read 2 of your blogs.You are an impressive lady. Be a little proud of your attitude and of your strong, sensible, practical management of yourself. I don't know how you have shed so much weight! And stayed consistent to the task.

    I am going back to your sp page to find your binge control text. I looked before and missed it. Your progress and your perseverance with weightloss are what I am looking for, for me. Just now my next skill to master is resisting 'delicious' calorie dense food when it is within reach. It may work to do what you have done with diet coke. Count each day of successfully keeping ny food choices inside the calorie and carb budget.

    I liked rainbowchoc's reply that validates you when you acknowledge the difficulties you face; Not so that you feel sorry for yourself, but so your efforts and successes can be more honestly acknowledged. I am bookmarking you page so I can return to it over again.

    Thanks for your inspiration,

    2875 days ago
    Great plan and I know emoticon
    2875 days ago
    Karen, I wish you the best as you aim for your goals. I have a gratitude journal and it's so uplifting to look back on. I like to journal everyday things too. I don't let myself record things that I would regret later or make someone feel bad when I have passed on. And for those times when you are just worn out from the stress of it all the emoticon is smaller then we think and we are here for you. Hugs.
    2876 days ago
  • 4BOYZ4ME
    You've got a great plan in place sweetie and I know you can do it! Stress is so hard, especially when it's things that you can't change but cause stress nonetheless. emoticon
    2876 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12193808
    :)Love the plans!
    Please share a recent pic, if you can.(Just asking)
    2876 days ago
    You can do this! And we are here for you.
    2877 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11169568
    You are very blessed with all your exercise equipment. I wish I had all that stuff!
    2879 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3520384
    That is a great plan and one that looks very do-able. That is the whole trick, having a plan that is do-able.

    emoticon emoticon
    2883 days ago
    Love your blog! I need to work on stress in 2013 too, thanks for the reminder to consider what I can and can not control . Sounds like your plan is well thought out and do-able. And I know that you can do it! emoticon emoticon
    2884 days ago
    You have a wonderful plan take it one day at a time and one step at a time.

    2885 days ago
    You can do it! And I'll be looking you up to see if Turbo Fire is on your agenda, around April.
    2885 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2357972
    I love it! emoticon

    2885 days ago
    Karen that is so perfect! I too deal with daily stress and am working on trying to control how I react to it. I know you are going to great with your goals!
    2885 days ago
    Karen I tried to comment on your blog earlier today twice but kept getting an error message.

    Anyway I love that poem and I always use it during a teaching moment for my grandkids and anyone else for that matter. There's only so much you have control over.

    You have a great plan.
    2885 days ago
    You have a great plan. It is very good way to start a new year. Thanks for sharing !! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2885 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    I love your plans Karen and I know you are strong enough to put them into motion.. We are all here for you my lovely friend .. you know you can always Skype me if you need to chat ... Much love Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2885 days ago
    we are right behind you. Don't always mask your problems by thinking "someone else is worse off" as it denies you the chance to grieve a little and then fight back. Hope you see plenty of green spots and it's not because you are "liverish"!!
    big hugs
    2885 days ago
    That sounds like a really well thought out plan. I like your idea for a calendar with dots. We'll be checking up on you to help you celebrate you successes during the year!
    2885 days ago
    You are in my prayers, as always, my friend. And you have a wonderful plan for the year ahead.
    2885 days ago
    emoticon My prayers are with you.
    2885 days ago
    Karen, this is such a wonderful blog and you really do have a great plan. I'm here cheering you on.

    hugs...Mary ANne
    2885 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Great Plan! emoticon emoticon
    2885 days ago
    You have a great plan. Read about my plan to share good health!
    2885 days ago
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