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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Update May 27th 2012-

Alas I have gained back 15-20lbs, learned that my digital scale has been very wrong for a long time, I thought I had reached 184lbs but really only ever got to 194lbs. It may only be a 10lb difference but it hurt non the less. I am now averaging 210-214 and am almost 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 3! I have to say seeing that in writing hurts a lot more then just having it in my mind..... I had wanted to be down to my goal of 165 by May 2012 and become pregnant with my 3rd and have that super cute baby bump show around 4months and be able to enjoy my new body for the summer while waiting for my baby bump to start to show. Oh well I guess, I am super excited about being pregnant, but believe me the thought of losing weight while pregnant has been on my mind since finding out 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. I am 20lbs less then with my first child and 40lbs less then with my second, and I look and feel better but I still look fat!!!! Not gonna sugar coat it, and I have been inactive for about 4 months, life happened finances got bad and food and my couch looked good.......I am trying to watch my calories and be more active, my goal is to maintain my weight this pregnancy, and at the most gain only 15lbs..... I looked it up and that is plenty for an over weight woman. So that is where I am right now, watching calories, trying to drink enough water, keeping my sodium in check - which is super hard!!!- not because I am craving salty things but because if you eat out everything is packed with sodium, and trying to get active and do cardio and strength training and praying this little baby grows well and I have a happy healthy pregnancy!!

Done with winter challenge, didn't reach goal, but still lost 10lbs!!! SO... only 25lbs more to lose and I'll have hit goal!!!

I have maintained under 200lbs now for 2 months and I am pretty proud of that especially since the holidays kicked my butt!!! I have 25lbs left till goal, I know it's a stretch to reach it by Valentines but I am gonna try my hardest for sure!!!!

Now a little back story for your enjoyment, LOL!!!

I started to really look at my weight issue around Christmas 2009 after my second son Corey was born. The clothes I wanted for Christmas were so cute but they didn't have the one's I wanted in my size and the ones they did have that I got for Christmas were so tight I was embarrassed to wear! I was sad and depressed and I desperately wanted to change but I just couldn't find that spark!

Then I met a new friend who gave me the inspiration to do something about it! Her name is Jess and I met her in January 2010. She had once been very over weight and had lost 100lbs in that past year or so and I was blown away! We clicked instantly and after that I started to count calories and walk as much as possible. I then tried the south beach diet and had my best friend Beth walk with me and through out the spring and summer I lost 30lbs by my birthday in August.

It was such a sweet victory to buy clothes in the junior size again, for the first time in 4 years!!! First it was a size 19 pants in the spring then on my birthday I was able to wear size 17 pants. My husbands XXL shirts were huge on me and I gave them back to him and even some of my XXL shirts had to go. I had come so far but it's just not quite where I wanted to be!

On my birthday in August a year later I was down 10 more lbs. Not a huge success but still something! I could also wear a size 15 pants in juniors and a 16 in woman's but I don't particularly like the fit of women's jeans lol. My shirts are anywhere from a large to a XXL depending on the type of shirt. My progress has been slow and but definitely something to be proud of and I know I can do even better!

My ultimate goal is to be at 165lbs, that is a total of 100lbs lost and wear a size 13 comfortably, I am currently in a 13 now, but I want them to fit with no muffining out and maybe a size medium shirt. I may have to change my pants size in the future though which is a really weird thought!!!! And next summer to wear a bikini and be proud. Don't get me wrong I wore one this summer cause I had to get my tan on LOL ;) but next year I want to blow people away. Just thinking about how close I am to realizing this goal makes my heart jump!!!

Progress can be fast and amazing or slow and amazing either way as long as I'm moving forward I'm happy. We all have days where we didn't eat the right things or were just not motivated to exercise but the point is you do better the next day and recognize that only you can get you to your goals. Sure support from everyone helps but unless you really want it and are willing to put the effort in to get there it's not gonna happen. People can encourage you till their blue in the face but words can only do so much. You have to actually get up and make it happen.
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