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I HATE Being Wrong LOL! ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Does anybody enjoy being wrong?! emoticon Well, I sure don't, but I've been wrong a lot in my almost 27 years, and I am sure I will continue to be wrong countless times in the future. So I am hereby declaring my "1400 calorie December" a

Okay, okay, fail is a seriously strong word, but I want a cat picture and that one was TOO good to pass up. So please don't think I am beating myself up here. My weight loss journey has been nothing but a bunch of trial an error. There is no better way to figure out what works and what doesn't by trying it and seeing what happens.

When I chose 1400 calories, it wasn't a lot of thought put into it. I put in that I wanted to lose 2 pounds a week, with my amount of calories burned and the range Spark gives me is 1200-1550. So I thought 1400 was a good balance and that MAYBE I could get back to losing 2 pounds a week. That was my FIRST of the bad decisions. My body has not been willing to let go of 2 pounds per week pretty much since the beginning. So what made me think my body was willing to change it up now? Oops.

I also want to add, I am not complaining about the range Spark gave me. It is a tool, and we all need to decide for ourselves what works for us. I had some friends express concern that 1400 was too little, but I just didn't think it was. I felt completely satisfied and full on 1400 calories. Maybe the amount of food or the foods I chose were filling and maybe even though I was mentally satisfied, maybe my body didn't agree. I really don't have the answer.

I've had a handful of super bad days, and a bunch of good days, and I am up about a pound or two. So obviously this is not working. The stubborn part of me wanted to just stick it out and just keep doing it until December was over just to say that I "did it". Then I realized why am I going to waste more time doing something that clearly isn't working.

So instead, I went through my journey from March of this year until now. I found the 3 months where I lost the highest amounts of weight, and found my calorie averages for the week. Here is what I found out and posted in a Journal entry on spark:
My 3 highest months for weight loss were:
June: 8.1 pounds lost. emoticon
September: 7.2 pounds lost. emoticon
October: 7.8 pounds lost. emoticon

June: 5 bad days: ?(not tracked) , 2950, 2256, 2089, 3016.
Week 1 Average: 1700 Week 2: 1723 Week 3 1649 Week 4: 1592

September: 6 bad days: 2131, 2355, 2167, 2311, 2850, 2558
Week 1: 1697 Week 2: 1689 Week 3: 1529 Week 4: 1878

October: 8 bad days: 2230 2265 2165 2387 2919 2243 2388 2121
Week 1: 1742 Week 2 1964 week 3 1849 week 4 1721
Can you believe it, with 8 very high calorie days in October I still lost 7.8 pounds? That is pretty awesome. Not that I want to have super high calorie days like that on a regular basis, but it was quite the eye opener.

So what I am seeing is that for the most part, a comfortable range of 1700 per week seems to be about right for me. I would love to have a 7 or 8 pound month again. Last week I made up a plan for a "treat meal" twice a month and made some rules to accompany it. I am going to start incorporating it in January and see how it works.

So, to end this on a high note and put what has been good about the month so far...

emoticon: Admitting I was totally wrong LOL, that's never fun. emoticon
emoticon: Trying something new, even if it backfired.
emoticon: Researching what has worked for me in the past.
emoticon: Accepting that something that I really hoped was going to be good for me really wasn't, and being able to let that go and move forward.

In other random news, I have found myself too scale oriented and I need to pull away from that. emoticon I am currently in between rounds for BLC so I am going to take that time to have at least some form of break from the scale before that starts again mid January. I think that will help a lot with my sanity, as it has been a rough week for me on many levels. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The best way for you to lose is to look back at what worked. For me, if I eat under 1500 calories I don't lose. I completely understand.
    3104 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13167855
    Best of luck
    3108 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12088077
    Way to go. It takes guts to admit when things aren't working. I hope this new calorie range is the secret for you! I love love love that you've been so good at tracking your food so that you can look back and analyse. What a gift! Every body is different. My Spark range is too high for {not-pregnant} me, so it only makes sense that for more active, higher metabolism bodies it could be too low!

    Sometimes I feel like the witches in Hamlet, "buuble bubble toil and trouble" as we concoct new "recipes" for our individual success. It gives me a funny mental image! haha!
    3108 days ago
    Steph, most of the time, wisdom comes after screwing stuff up. Yay! You just gained in wisdom! :)

    I decided to give myself a little break this month...not stressing about losing since there were so many events lined up, and I was sick for over a week. Well, I let myself go more than intended, and have had SEVERAL high-calorie days already (wanted to eat EVERYTHING after I started feeling better...), and haven't challenged myself with exercise. NOT a good move...and I'm in reset phase right now, too.

    So, for me, now I know that a little latitude is okay, but too much runs away with me. Thankfully, I am still tracking daily. It's the only way I can see what I'm doing to myself. The sodium's been the worst part of it...ugh.
    3108 days ago
    Good blog! I'm not exercising and the most I'm intaking in calories on a good day is 1300, but I had 4 days the past 2 weeks where I had "treat meals" and I didnt log the calories and I lost 5 pounds. I think my body likes the higher and lower calorie days seems like yours does too, so this week and next week I'm going to do it on purpose and see if I get some more good results. You and I both know I don't have good results other than by being sick, stressed or starving lol Its taken 12 months for me to get 28 pounds off my body.
    Also I think it is GREAT that you have tracked everything diligently so that you can go back and see what has worked! Im going to try harder to stick with logging everything, so If I get stuck and can figure out whats wrong. I hope getting back to what you were doing works well the next couple weeks! emoticon
    3108 days ago
    Girl now I wanna go back and look at last year to see what worked for me when I lost 11lbs in one month! Lol. It's fine that the 1400 Dec wasn't what you had hoped b/c now you are more educated on what DOES work for you! Yay for that! I know you are gonna do so well! :)
    3108 days ago
    I tried a program of a Sparkbuddy and although it was great in theory, I couldn't make it work... So it's good that you tried it and you soon realized that you need something else emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    3109 days ago
    Like you said, this weight loss is trial and error. You tried the 1400 calorie December, it didn't work out like you thought it would, now on to something else! How else would you know that this didn't work unless you tried it?

    I'm glad you decided to move on and not complete the month with this challenge. If it's not working, then why bother trying to keep it going? I know you already said that up there but I think you were absolutely correct in that statement. :)

    Yay for giving the scale a break for a while! I just wrote that in my blog last night too that I will be pushing the scale away until the first of the year. The minute I made that decision, I felt so much relief and like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I hope ditching your scale for a while makes you feel lighter as well. :)
    3109 days ago
    Your experiment did work. You ended up finding out what works for you. Sounds like 1700 is a better # to shoot for than 1400 for you. I have been stuck the last 2 months. I lost 2 pounds and then gained it back. So I am right back where I started. Have been trying to figure it out from my past weekly averages, but not getting anywhere. My metabolism I think is still trying to figure itself out since I quit smoking. So I will have to keep experimenting.
    3109 days ago
  • PUNKY100
    Hahaha I love this blog!!! Good for you for recognizing that it isn't working, and not being excessively stubborn about getting a goal done that will only hurt you.

    This whole process is trial and error for everyone!! If anyone tells you they have been doing this perfectly, they would be lying. :-P

    I'm so glad that you did this so you can learn things and figure out what is the best for you. I really really really hope that it helps you get back to what you were losing before, I know how awesome that felt! :-D
    3109 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12233636
    YOu've inspired me to look back at what's worked for me! Thank you! Also, good job with the joyful humility!
    3109 days ago
    3109 days ago
    3109 days ago
    You can succeed losing one pound per week. In a year that is 52 pounds. You ate doing great emoticon
    3109 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13287288
    I was reading the "drop 10" diet from Self Magazine. They suggest you eat 1200 calories a day of "good" food- you know vitamin and protein packed, and then allow yourself up to 250 calories a day of "Fun" food- that can be 1 candy bar, a small mcdonalds french fry, 2 cookies...

    Maybe you could try that and you'd feel less likely to binge if you had a treat once a day.

    They also say if you have a special meal coming up, skip your fun or happy food for 3 days and then you'll have 750 extra calories to use at that meal.

    Best wishes!
    3109 days ago
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