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Workin my plan!!! and it is workin!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

So I have been working my plan and sticking to it for almost two weeks. I have lost 4.2 pounds over two weeks so far and I feel really good about that. I have been struggling with a cold and I haven't exercised. I am hoping to feel better soon and get that piece moving in the right direction.

Tonight I am going to a Christmas party, and I have to work to be careful I don't eat too much or too many carbs. I am planning on dancing though!!!! I am super excited. I am planning to take some day quil to hopefully keep some of my cold systems at bay so I can get through the party.

I don't know why I had such a hard time getting back on track before, but the time I planned to get started this time was the right time because I have the grace to do it.

Christmas is next weekend and then two weeks later we have 3 Kings Day. After this, I will have a break from some of the holiday temptations.

I had a goal to lose some weight for tonight's party and I have a goal to see how much I will lose before 2013 starts, and then I have a goal for the beginning of March. Seeing old friends. These friends the last time they saw me I was at least 40 pounds lighter. After March, my next goal is for Abi's graduation - she is a senior this year!!

I am hoping my mini goals will help me to keep my focus!!

Thank you Sunny Gals and Thank you Cougars - Thank you Sparkpeople and Done Girls....I really like being a part of this community!!!
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