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Licensed Zumba Instructor!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I found Zumba a little over a year ago and set as one of my goals to attend a class. I had a feeling I would like it based on my previous recent dance experience. Well, I loved it! emoticon

At first, I felt out of place with the moves because learning choreography has never been a strong suit of mine except by the repetition of doing it over & over again. I'm not a spacial learner but more of a hands on kind of learner. I was never able to look at a "map" of the course in Dog Agility and just get it. Instead, I always had to get my body on the field and put myself through the course first. Merely looking at something doesn't do much for me.

Anyway, I was a little awkward at first but I'm also the kind of person that really doesn't care what other people think if I'm messing up....it happens....so oh well! And guess what, everybody else is too busy thinking about what they are doing to bother with me anyway! So, I found an instructor that I clicked with because she does more "dancey" routines as opposed to a high aerobics type of class and off I went!

As I became more confident during the last year, I realized that Zumba helped me in my Ballroom Dancing to find my center and to understand where and how my body was moving. Anyway, long story short, working out is no longer a chore! It's dance fun that allows me to go a little bit crazy and forget my worries for a couple hours! Now, I can't wait until Wednesdays and Thursdays and have made new friends there.

One of my friends encouraged me to take the Zumba Instructor course with her to become licensed to teach it. Well, I'm a very passionate person in everything I do so immersing myself in Zumba was the right thing to do for me. Scary, but right. I signed up and we took the class on 11/16/12. Here is a picture of me and my friend, Alina, just before class began:

We were fresh then. LOL! The licensing program lasts all day long and it's exhausting, requiring a change in clothing and a 5 second shower (the fastest I've ever taken a shower in my life) but we had fun, we learned and I ended up signing up with the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) that will help me get routines together with the idea that I will teach in the future. Just taking the training was intimidating to me but now I was actually thinking of teaching an entire class! YIKES!

We ended the day utterly spent and it turns out they didn't have a Certificate for me, so while all the other 'graduates' were having their pictures proudly displaying their Certificates with the instructors, I had this one taken:

Ha Ha Ha! Oh well! It was a good day anyway and the instructors were really nice and encouraging to everyone.

So, I feel I accomplished something. I feel good about myself for having faced a fear and 'did it anyway'. My mentor instructor actually came to support us for 1/2 of the entire day we were there...that felt SO good! So far, she has let me lead the song we choreographed on training day a couple of times in regular class. That feels wonderful!

I have also choreographed another song on my own. Who knew THAT was possible! I'll show it to my friend who took the class with me this week and we are going to practice it with the intention of bringing it in front of a class very soon. As soon as I can get a playlist of songs together, maybe I'll actually be able to sub for one of the other instructors soon! Just the thought of it makes me shake with nerves but whatever...I'll make it happen. Doing things that make me shake with fear and getting through them ok is what makes me grow. I feel like I've "joined the party"!

Again I say, Bring It!!!


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