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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Today, I had my last voice conversation with my dad before I see him on December 22, since he's taking off for Bangladesh for 2 weeks tomorrow. Fortunately, I'll be able to catch him at 7PM/AM (12 hour difference between Dhaka and Memphis) for email "conversations" while he's gone. It got me thinking about what I'm grateful for, since there is SO much this year that has made it such a wonderful one!

So here is my list:

I'm grateful for:
1. A great job with a great group of co-workers
2. A cozy and comfortable apartment close to everything, including work
3. My cats for keeping me company on nights when I feel lonely...and giving me unconditional love year-round
4. The pharmaceutical companies for making allergy medications, so I can live with my cats as well as making warfarin and Depo Provera, so that I can continue to function, despite living with a chronic medical condition
5. My focus and determination to make healthy choices
6. A supportive gym that has everything that I need in order to make sure that I get the exercise I require
7. Multiple options of grocery stores nearby, so that I can make healthy, delicious meals
8. The ability to live in a city where there are a TON of things for me to enjoy that don't cost much or are free
9. The physical ability to actually DO all the activities that I enjoy, especially running!
10. An awesome family that I love more than anything and that I know will always have my back...and that's not just my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephews, folks. That also includes my cousins and aunts that just ROCK!

And last but not least:
11. Friends near and far that have been amazingly supportive this year. The success I've experienced wouldn't be as sweet without all of you enjoying it with me! THANK YOU! :)
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