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Sunday, December 02, 2012

So I was doing my usual Sunday morning run before church. I was a little over 3 miles in, happy that it was the first Sunday of Advent, looking forward to the Hanging of the Greens to decorate the church after the service...

BOOM! I tripped on the sidewalk, scraping both knees, my hands and my face. Here's the worst of it:

Fortunately, the closest hospital wasn't too far, so I was able to walk the distance, blood flowing down my legs and face the whole way. I was lucky: my head CT scan came out negative, and the only damage was superficial.

So I walked to where my car was parked about a mile away, drove home and had lunch...only to head to the gym later in the day and finish my run to the tune of another 3.2 miles. I may have lost the battle, but I REFUSE to lose the war! :)

Hope all of yas had a safer Sunday than I did!
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