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Exercise tips from a sad wife

Friday, November 30, 2012

1. Don't get married to a spouse that is a visual person. You will pay. Well, I pay.

2. Exercise at least 5 times a week, 30 minutes a day of cardio. Lift weights 2-3 times a week, doing either a full rotation, or work upper body, lower body, core. Do the last set in a way that it is impossible to get a good full rep. And don't forget to wait a full minute between reps...or it will be like one long rep.
3. Vary your exercise routine. The body loves to adapt to change. Once your body figures out the routine, it will level up to it.
4. Stay hydrated - drink before, during and after. If you are experiencing thirst...you are already experiencing a hydration deficiency.
5. Intervals can help you get in shape faster. Run as fast as you can for a few minutes, then walk, then run. It's the bursts that tell your body to dump the weight.
6. Plan your workouts. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
7. Be selfish. I tell you this so you allow yourself to put yourself first. You are not being selfish in getting healthier...it just FEELS that way.
8. Mix the drudgery in with fun things that you like to do...shoot hoops...do a dance class...take a Zumba class. Ride a bike or garden...hula hoop. The fun things are endless....find something to break the monotony.
9. Eat for fuel. Garbage in...lousy workout! Alcohol the night before does mess with your performance, especially if you are a runner. You will feel it!

10. Try to love your kids, even if they did wreck your body. This is of course if you have kids. Just Kidding!!! My kids were my choice...even though they were both happy surprises. I bounced back after my daughter when I was 24. I almost died when i had my son at 25 almost 26. I have a nice long scar from my belly button straight down. I am here, my belly will never be smooth and nice, but I'm alive. I celebrate that victory for sure.

The most difficult thing I struggle with is not motivation, but follow through. It is so easy for me to leave my hell job (a desk job managing four prima divas and two drama kings for bosses) and go home and eat and sit on the couch, rather than getting ready to exercise. Then going to exercise. Then doing a lot of exercise. I have to do it in hour increments, or I will not get it in. My husband told me to go in the sauna to "cut" weight. Well, this is only a temporary solution. I've been reading up on it. Exercise, not extreme heat helps you to lose.

I am in a sad place these days because I have gained 20 lbs. over the last few Christmases. 2 years ago I was 20 lbs. over my goal weight - so you guessed it, I am a whopping 40-50 lbs. over where I need to be.
All i hear from my husband is how happy we will all be when I lose weight.
Don't eat that because I will never lose weight.
Go to the Y more often because I am not losing weight.
We almost divorced in July because I have not lost weight.
I almost wish we would have.
I dream of a new job, and a single life.
I have a sneaking suspicion that if I had both, I would not eat for comfort.
Leave a comment if you feel the same way.

Thanks for reading....

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  • EILEEN828
    When you daydream about a change, realize that you do have the option to make it real. That being said, really try to figure out what it is that you want that would make you happy. How much can you do now? What gets forfeited? Remember that the grass always looks greener way over there, but when you actually get "there" it sometimes looks pretty thin, sometimes it IS better. Sometimes a little attention to your own spot is all it takes to have it BE better.

    If your job isn't something you can toss aside easily, then look into creating change. Like always cruise the job listings, you might find the right one. Otherwise do your best to cubbyhole the work environment to work only, don't take it home with you and divorce yourself from it mentally as quickly as you can once you're off the clock.

    The husband material, well that's pretty specific to you. What is it that isn't working for you? Everything? Or just a few annoying habits or disappointments. Remember that there is no such thing as the ideal man, not even in your dreams, because "he's" not real.

    Everyone goes through life and things change, experiences and aging work on you all the time. So the question here is, has this man completely changed into someone you no longer recognize, or are you going to cut him the same slack on criticisms that you expect for yourself? You can't compare to how things were when you first met, that's a prelude that only exists at the beginning of a relationship, no matter who you are with. It's not worth throwing someone away just because they are evolving and they are no longer image perfect, because you will end up repeating that the rest of your life.

    That said, if this is truly turning out to be a big mistake, it is worth trying to find someone else to spend your life with. But don't screw around with it, don't try out a few likely candidates to see if you like how they are. That comes after you've made a decision about a person you made a life promise to. Protecting your integrity is something you will never regret and will help you to make the correct choices for you.

    Focus on producing real change for yourself that is going to benefit you the rest of your life in the best way possible. It will not be perfect, there is no such thing. You are focusing now on your body because you feel you have to, because you are being nagged to. Focus now on being a healthy version of you because it helps you to feel good about you. If your nag was no longer around, you would be focusing on it this way, so why not do it now?

    Do it for yourself, because it feels good and makes you healthy. It's something that you want to do so that you can see your kids grow up, and hopefully so that you can age gently and gracefully. I'm finally getting to the older side of life and I can tell you that it will become very important to you personally. I see it in my aging parents and I can look back over my lifespan and see the choices I made, and the opportunities I missed, and the things I stayed true to. I can tell you there's nothing like the perspective that hindsight gives you!

    While I certainly have made some mistakes, I can also see that I did a lot of things right. Staying true to myself was something I figured out early and have not regretted. Even when it was sometimes hard to do or even flew in the face of common sense (or should I say common opinion). What I have ended up with is something and someone, myself, that I can live with and I'm personally proud of. Good luck to you and really think these things through carefully before acting, be happy with your results because you may not be able to change them back. emoticon emoticon
    2977 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/1/2012 5:01:45 AM
    Been there, done that. My first husband is long gone! Your plan is good, Linda. Value yourself enough to put your exercise needs and good nutrition needs first. And Sing For Life. emoticon
    2977 days ago
  • 3G1RLS4ME
    It s kinda like that for me too, hubby says " your at 158 but you still have a huge butt." It kinda hurts that he says these things when he is nearly topping 300 lbs himself.
    2977 days ago
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