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Take That, Turkey Day!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lost another 2.8 pounds this week, for a total of 45 pounds lost. I think I kicked Turkey Day in the keester :) This was an especially difficult challenge considering I was out-of-state staying with the in-laws. I did my best to prepare ahead of time and had a plan in mind for how to not overdo it, and it WORKED! It helped that my in-laws all knew that I am actively working to lose weight, so they *tried* to help. I let them know several times though that I didn't want them to do anything special for me, that I would eat alongside of them and that I would just pick and choose and eat smaller portions of things. I didn't want them to feel like they had to make special meals for me.

So what was my strategy?

1. I brought along my own breakfast. Yep. Good old Vanilla Silk (soymilk) and Special K red berries, and Tazo Earl Grey tea. Packed the soymilk in the cooler. That took care of one meal every day. It unfortunately didn't stop my inlaws from trying to push other foods on me though, and I know that they were somewhat hurt that I brought my own cereal. They figured they had cereal too, and all cereal is the same right? They even had some kind of Special K in their pantry. Sure I could have eaten their cereal, but the last time I tried to eat cereal out of their pantry one box was inedibly stale and the other box had bugs crawling in it. The in-laws never have soymilk - I prefer it because it's less calories than milk and more calcium and it's tastier in my cereal. So sorry I'm bringing my own cereal and soymilk, and I know that makes me a terrible daughter-in-law.

I felt less bad after they tried to push me to eat sausage and eggs for breakfast, after I had eaten my cereal. REALLY? How can anyone think that sausage is good for someone trying to lose weight? We're not talking talking Jimmy Dean DeLites Turkey Lean Links here - these were good old-fashioned full-fat breakfast sausage. Mmm. NOPE.

2. I stayed away from the high-carb, high-fat foods on the menu on Thanksgiving, or only had a very very small portion. I ate about 2 Tablespoons of mashed potatoes with no butter and a few drops of gravy, 4 oz of white meat turkey, some plain sweet potatoes (no doctored ones with butter and brown sugar), and some steamed broccoli. No stuffing, no rolls, no cheesy green bean casserole, no cranberry sauce, no dark meat, no ham. I WAS really thankful that my MIL made some plain sweet potatoes for me and the broccoli; I know otherwise those items wouldn't have been on the table and I would have had far fewer options to eat. That made up for the breakfast sausages.

3. For lunches and other meals we tried to eat out at "safe" places were we knew we could order fairly healthy meals. We also packed some safe snacking options (Stacy's pita chips, Triscuits) as we knew the in-laws don't have much in the way of healthy food in their house.

Both my husband and I commented on the way home that we missed meals cooked with fresh fruits and vegetables and more healthy ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, and whole grains. After a couple of days of nothing but proteins and starches we both feel bloated and heavy and yucky. Blech. We missed healthy eating.

4. I had an exercise plan to get out and walk 2 miles with the dog the morning after Thanksgiving and I did. Yay! The day after that we did a lot of shopping which also kept us active, but then we were in the car a lot too so it was a mixed bag.

I'm happy that I'm still on track... and it feels SO good to be home and eating healthy again! I hope that for merrymas I can be as sucessful with my eating habits as I was for T-Day. Wish me luck!
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