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To the US and Back

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's been a while since I blogged. My hubby and I went on vacation to the US and of course we decided that no healthy eating was allowed for the next two weeks, after being on a healthy eating plan for almost a year. Surprisingly, I went through a couple of stages during our trip;

Stage 1: Detroit, Michigan

Arriving in Detroit to visit friends, I was excited to be back and looking forward to trying Jet's Pizza's deep dish Pepperoni pizza again (a previous favorite) and telling my hubby all about it, he became excited about trying it too. Upon taking the first bite I was surprised at how salty and greasy it tasted, not how I remembered it at all. The case for this was most likely our bodies that weren't used to such greasy and salty foods anymore. Hubby unfortunately became a bit sick from it, but luckily recovered quickly.

Stage 2: New York, New York...

We were in New York when Hurricane Sandy hit and had to stay in the hotel nearly the whole time. Thank goodness, we were in upper Manhattan and not in the evacuation area, we also didn't lose power. The worst part of Hurricane Sandy was one time when the hotel swayed from side to side due to the strong winds.

At least we were able to watch the Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets football game the day before the hurricane. We were also able to walk around New York the day after the hurricane. We walked all the way to the Natural History Museum, but it was unfortunately closed.

Missing exercise (who would have thought)! I actually did a bunch of squats, lunges and high knees after I couldn't take sitting still anymore while the hurricane was in progress, and except for walking our butts off that was the extent of my exercise on our entire vacation. We ate a lot of fast food, candy, chocolates and anything our hearts desired while stuck inside.

(Tree fell on two vehicles)

Stage 3: Washington, DC...

Washington, DC was great! We decided to drive to Washington, DC because our flight was cancelled, luck was on our side because we did it at the perfect moment, a day later and we might not have been able to rent a car (that's when the transport problem in New York started).

We decided we had to go on a Segway tour, we just had to and it was fantastic. My legs got some great exercise from standing still on it :P We drove past the White House, the new National Christmas tree (the old one died, how sad), the Martin Luther King Stone Statue, the Washington Monument and finally came to a stop at the Lincoln Memorial. I just have to say that the view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when you look towards the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument is breathtaking, Wow!

Although we cheated with the Segways, we walked so much the previous couple of days that I thought the bones in my feet were going to break. During this stage I was just enjoying myself, eating Chinese takeaway, Choc Chip Cookies and not feeling guilty at all.

Stage 4: Las Vegas, Nevada...

My hubby said Las Vegas is a world within a city, and I agree. There's Egypt, New York and Paris. We went to so many places that we didn't get the chance to gamble, we thought we should at least gamble $100, but we were so busy we didn't get around to it (we're not gamblers really).

We went to see David Copperfield's show, The Chocolate Factory, shot with a Sniper Rifle .308 at The Las Vegas Gun Store, Walked down the strip (forever) and had fun at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, not to mention the Insanity and Big Shot rides on the Stratosphere! Las Vegas was unforgettable.

As unforgettable as it was, my "Stuffed Sausage Syndrome" and guilty feelings started kicking in. "Stuffed Sausage Syndrome" is what I call it, it's where you feel like you are a lot of minced meat squashed into a small sausage casing, and you feel like you are going to explode.

During this time I started thinking to myself "I should actually stop eating junk food and choose healthier options, what am I doing to myself, I'm going to gain so much weight, etc." I was thinking worst case scenario, I probably gained 10 lbs in the last week and a half. Luckily logic kicked in before my thoughts got too carried away, I told myself my clothes still fit me fine, a little bit tighter but still fine and that I have to enjoy myself while it lasts and that I'll just continue with my healthy diet when I get home.

After the big thought rollercoaster, I shook off any doubts and told myself that I don't know when again I'll get the chance to eat yummy pancakes at IHop, delicious Boston Kreme's from Dunkin' Donuts, Dairy Queen vanilla soft served ice cream with cherry dip and drink mouth watering Iced Mocha's from Panera Bread.

When we arrived back in South Africa there were mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. Sad that it's over and happy to be Home Sweet Home. I was actually exited to get back on track with our healthy diet and to continue my exercising schedule. We weighed ourselves the following morning, to my surprise we both only gained 4 lbs. I had the number 10 in my head the whole time and was so glad it wasn't that much (I should probably thank "walking our butts off" for it).

I've already lost 1 lb and can't wait to get back to where I was before our trip. Although I still crave chocolate, I'm trying to get back on track. That's one negative about completely disregarding your healthy diet when on vacation, you crave certain things for a while after you get back on track, but I'm slowly but surely getting there.

If I had to do it all over again, I would because eating that way was an experience in itself and it was our reward to ourselves because of our hard work during the year (that's what I tell myself :P). I'm happy with doing this once in a while. The next trip that we're saving up for will be a tour through Europe, it will probably be a couple of years before that happens, in the meantime we'll be eating as healthy as we possibly can and exercising until then.
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    this brought back so many memories! I was in the US in July with my 17 year old daughter (her first trip) and so loved it. We stayed in Connecticut with friends, drove all over the state and to Boston for a few nights and then New York. Think, despite the junk food, we both lost weight! Because of all the walking around New York. And because we are not used ever to eating such big portions as they have there so ended up sharing pizza slices etc for meals so we would have more spending money for clothes, shows, museums and presents to take home
    2893 days ago
  • LOSER05
    I am a Pizza freak, I do have to eat it emoticon
    2894 days ago
    So often I also find that the scales are kinder than my head. I am glad that you enjoyed your trip. I know what you mean about 1. reestablishing cravings and 2. foods that don't seem as good as your memory or idea of them. Our tastes change when we aren't looking!
    2894 days ago
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