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Stick With It!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

So I re-started my weight-loss plan at the end of June this year. And I mean re-committed, jumped in with both feet from day one, IN IT TO WIN IT kind of re-committed. Because I have some really important reasons to lose weight, which I know many do, but I needed to stop the self-destructive cycle I was on before I was left with lasting health problems. I also needed to stop kidding myself that the small amount of exercise I was doing was going to just magically reverse the trend that I was on and WAKE UP to the fact that I was not eating as well as I could.

The first few months were really tough; it was hard to get used to exercising weekly, making the time for it and feeling the effects afterwards. I had gotten SO sick of cooking since I am pretty much stuck doing the cooking during the week due to our schedules, and both my husband and I had been taking the easy way out and were eating out way more than we should have been both for lunches and dinners. Tracking calories really opened up our eyes as to how quickly the calories add up when you eat out at fast food restaurants, and that very quickly ended, or at least we learned where we could eat and which items we could order that were under 400 calories. So I started cooking at home again and making food we could pack for lunches at work. I learned new recipes and explored with new produce items I had never cooked with before. That helped revitalize my love for cooking, which has been an important part in all of this. If I didn't take so much pleasure in preparing wholesome home-cooked meals, I'm no so sure I would have made it this far. I have learned many tricks and techniques to make cooking quicker and easier (cooking chicken breasts straight from the freezer, using a rice cooker, buying pre-cooked packets of lentils or rice or farro for quick meals) which has made it more fun and enjoyable yet still healthy. I've learned much more about FOOD, which I like since I'm a nerd and I like to learn.

This week I lost 2.6 more pounds. I am well on track towards reaching 50 pounds lost by the end of this year. I feel like eating well and exercising are really becoming just a part of my life now, like I don't even think about it. I AM a little bit worried about the holiday season - I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't - but I know that it's an emotional time for me, I know that I tend to want to eat for comfort, so I can try and be vigilant and do my best to thwart that this year. Knowing thyself is half the battle. I am lucky that I will be home for Merrymas this year so that will help me avoid too much temptation I HOPE.

I feel like If I can just keep on keeping on like this, I've got the rest of the 100 pounds I want to lose in the bag, I just need to STICK WITH IT and keep on keeping on. It's taken a lot of determination and perseverance to get to this point, but now it truly is becoming the way that I LIVE LIFE now and not something that I am *trying* to do to change. That's the difference. It's like when you are learning to ride the bike... at first you are all wobbly and need the training wheels. Even after the training wheels are off you still are not completely steady. But then... then you get to the point where you don't need to think about pushing the pedals anymore, your body just KNOWS what to do, you just need to GET ON THE BIKE. I feel like that is where I'm at now. I just need to keep getting on the bike every day, and eventually one day I'll step on that scale and I'll weight under 200 pounds again (which isn't too far away now!!!), and then eventually, I'll reach my goal weight.

I wouldn't mind looking like this:





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