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Saturday, November 10, 2012

21 Uses for Wax Paper
Posted by Alexandra on May 11, 2011 in Money Saving Idea, Unusual Uses | ∞

If you’re like me, you probably have wax paper in your kitchen. Here are some uses for wax paper you might not have thought of:

Use wax paper to help re-cork a bottle of wine. Ever had trouble re-corking a bottle of wine? When a bottle of wine is opened, the cork can expand when exposed to air making re-corking the bottle difficult. Wrap some wax paper around the cork before reinserting into the bottle. Wax paper provides lubrication, thereby making it easier remove the next time and the wax paper will help keep little bits of the cork from getting into the wine.

Place a piece of wax paper between the gears of your can opener, (as you would a can) and run through. The wax paper will loosen any food debris and the wax will coat the wheels helping them run smoothly.
To keep bathroom fixtures temporarily spotless, rub them with a sheet of wax paper after cleaning them. The wax that transfers will deflect water droplets like magic — at least until the next cleaning.
Wax paper makes great funnels for filling spice jars. Roll the wax paper into a funnel shape and pour spices into decorative jars.
Use wax paper to make placemats. Pick a picture or a drawing and place it between several pieces of wax paper cut in placemat size. Then place that between several paper towels. Cover with a dishtowel and iron with a warm iron to ‘laminate’ the placemat. Remove the paper towels before use.
Help keep your garden tools rust free by rubbing a piece of wax paper over the entire surface. The roughness of the wax paper will loosen the dirt and grime buildup while the wax lubricants the tools to prevent rust.
Use wax paper to decorator cakes like a professional. Cut a piece of wax paper the same size as your cake, using the cake pan as a guide. Write directly on the paper instead of the cake and freeze it. Gently peel the frozen letters and words off the paper and place them on the cake.
To prevent rust from forming on your cast iron skillets, rub a sheet of wax paper over your skillet after washing, while it’s still warm. Then place a sheet of wax paper between the skillet and the lid to store.
To store colored candles wrap in wax paper and twist ends to seal. This will keep the colored candles from rubbing off on linens and keep them from getting nicked up or scuffed when placed in drawers.
If your kitchen cabinets don’t fully extend to the ceiling, place a layer of wax paper on top of the cabinet to catch dust and grease particles. Once a month, just toss and put down a fresh layer.
Use wax paper to store delicate fabrics. Place a sheet of wax paper between each fabric piece to help block extraneous light and prevent the transfer of dyes without trapping moisture.
Use wax paper as a liner. For easy cleanup, line kitchen drawers, vegetable and meat bins, cabinets, the top of the fridge with wax paper. Every few months instead of having to scrub these surfaces, you can just replace the wax paper.
To keep meat juices from getting into the pores of your cutting board, cover the cutting board with three layers of wax paper before slicing raw meat and throw the paper out immediately.
Use wax paper to line cookie sheets when making chocolate covered pretzels or candies. Any chocolate that drips onto the wax paper can be re-melted.
Wax paper keeps foods from sticking when stored in the refrigerator or in a plastic container. Use wax paper to separate layers of food like cheese, hamburger patties, cookies, fudge, brownies, etc.
Use wax paper to prevent splattering when cooking foods in the microwave: e.g. bacon, burgers, etc.
Rub wax paper over the bottom of round plastic sleds to make them go faster in the snow.
Helps release waffles from the waffle iron. Place a piece of wax paper between the plates of your waffle iron for the few minutes it takes to heat the waffle iron up. The wax will be transferred to the plates, temporarily helping waffles to pop out.
Keep cheese fresher longer. When you open a new wedge of cheese, immediately remove the plastic wrap. Wrap the cheese in wax paper, which keeps it moist without ever letting it get sweaty. Then wrap it in tin foil and stick it in the fridge.
Rub the edge of your snow shovels with pieces of wax paper. The wax coating will keep the snow from sticking.
Use wax paper to unstick pages. Insert wax paper between wet pages of a book. When they dry, they’ll be good as new.
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