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dr´s appointment or every cloud has a silver lining.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

first the basics,still have my lung infection but it is a little better so am slowly starting to exercise but gently.irn worth was low so she has increased my bloodthinners.seems strange increasing them when in two weeks i have to stop taking them in prep for the operation on the 28th lol.now here is the bit about every cloud haveing a silver lining.this i haven´t mentioned to anyone on spark yet as i was thinking if i mentioned it i might be tempting fate or something like that and wanted to wait to see if the dr was of the same opinion as me and she is thinking it is a good sign even though i feel worse than i have in along time.since monday i have been having alot of strong pain down the whole left side of my face from the hairline down the jaw that it seems even into the bone itself.there is alot of tension under the left eye i i keep thinking that i am slabbering out of the left side of my mouth ,i am not but it feels like i am.i get tired easily because of this and feel as if i have gone at least ten rounds with muhammed ali. i have to keep going to lie down in the day which gives me a guilty feeling towards my kids though they love it as instead of going out to the play park or bikeriding after school like we usually do they can watch tv while i rest abit.i haven´t done any of the ironing in over two weeks because first th lung infection and now my face.why is it when lotfi isn´t here and i have soul responsability for the kids i am ill.lotfi is talking about coming home a few days earlier than planned now so i can at least have a few days more rest before my op.like i said every cloud has a silver lining,when this started i was thinking even through the pain that this is something good that because i have pain in my left side it means that maybe the nerve ending,cells what ever they are are starting to work again.of course it would hurt at the least movement after all the nerves and muscles on that side of the face haven´t been working for over 14 months now.i was also thinking that maybe it has been the going in and out of the warmth of my flat to the cold(minus weather)we had with the snow.even though the snow is now gone it is still very cold.i just wish it wasn´t so strenguious on my head(always seem to have headaches)my face which is really painful and how it effects my whole body that i feel so tired after doing the least thing.i am really doing the bare minum round the house.on the good side we are eating alot more salads and soups as i often don´t feel like spending hours in the kitchen at the stove.never thought i would live to see the day i said that.anyway the dr thinks i am right and say´s she can see a small inprovement with the corner of my mouth.so is good news .only problem is she doesn´t know how long i will be in this pain,though the pain doesn´t bother me that much as i see it as good it is the way the pain takes it out of me that i don´t like,lol.she gave me a b3 injection and another injection with some homopathic medicine which is suppose to help with the nerve cells renewal.anyway that is how it is so keep your fingers crossed that this does mean the paralise will clear even though the dr and neurologist said i would probably have it for life.here is the photos to remind you what my face looked like.i notice that is does seem to be getting better but don´t want to build up too much hope.it will seem strange after over 14 months for things to get back to normal if they do.so my friends fingers crodssed that this is a good sign and that the pain doesn´t last that long.thank you all once again for taking the time to read my blog and once again thank you if you take the time to reply.hope you also understand why i didn´t want to say anything till i had spoken to the dr,silly i know but there you are.take care and keep smiling.hugs to all

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