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Staying in reality

Friday, November 02, 2012

The reality is that my body does work a bit differently than the average person. I've been struggling with type 2 diabetes for 12 years. I manage my blood sugar numbers with a clean diet, exercise, and pill meds. It has been brutally slow for me to take off the excess weight from my start at 366lbs. My metabolism shuts down with any calorie restriction but sucks up pounds when there are any extras. The pancreas / liver mechanisms aren't functioning correctly. Seemingly, they fire wrongly clear out of the blue. Case in point: I got a cold and without any change in food or exercise, my blood sugar numbers went through the roof for a week. The DR said my body was under stress and it reacted. Great! The same type of triggers affect everyone's body but they aren't testing to know the numbers. Its likely that even without an official diabetes diagnosis, the heavy person's body is not handling blood sugar efficiently.

I started the journey following the standard recommendations to make healthy food choices, track the calories, and add exercise 30 min 3 times a week. The scale went down 15 lbs then stopped .....for months, a pound or two up and then back down again. The justification in my mind was that I was doing what was recommended but it wasn't working. I was lying to myself because I knew that what my body needed to change was going to require more of me and I resented that fact. I'd wrestle in the brain haggle for a few months and then give it another shot, down 15 more pounds, then stop. "I'm doing enough!" Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Two years ago I discovered that my heart was damaged through radiation treatments many years ago and it beats really slow all the time. That explained the slow metabolism. The only remedy is to exercise more time because that is when it will beat faster. The knowledge drove me to make a huge increase in my commitment to exercise and I am slowly seeing the changes in my body and an increase in overall fitness.

So... if the the REAL situation is that we have something affecting our body's weight management functions, as a result of whatever physical factor, then as rational adults, we have to adjust our lives in order to achieve the results we want. I've managed the health impacts through regular exercise (upping the intensity, duration and variety) and careful nutritional choices. It has taken a LOT of effort and a re-order of my lifestyle to succeed toward my goals,

If I ignore or pretend that the REAL situation doesn't exist, then I will get to have my "normal" fat body back AND I will also get to live with all of the negative health conditions that come with a heavy body.

I am fighting for my life against cancer, diabetes, radiation damaged heart tissue, and being grossly overweight. Thank you for helping me stay in reality and take the actions that will keep me getting healthy.

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    2346 days ago
    I really enjohyed your blog Lorrie and wanted to introduce myself to you as well. I go by "Sprink" and have been a member of SP since May 25th. You can accomplish anything you really set your mind to - as long as you are honest with yourself, give youself all credit wherever it's due, and to stay in "Today." Making good choices, meeting new people and sharing your life with other new SparkFriends and SparkTeams.

    I was "Sparked" by EFFIEANNIE on May 25th, five days prior to my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy on May 30th, 2012. The progress I have made I owe mainly to SparkFriends who helped me through the rough patches, and made sure to give me credit when I was too hard on myself. Now that most of the weight is gone, I have time to focus on rebuilding my body which carried around 365 lbs at my highest.

    There's really no magic secret to the power of Spark, you just meet people, join teams where you have similar interests, and make friends, the kind of friends, that many of us have never experienced in our lives. Positive, supporting, honest real people - sharing what we've learned along the way and "Sparking It Forward."

    I wish you all the success in the world that you desire and look forward to sharing our journeys together. Your friend, "Sprink"

    2638 days ago
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