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Disappointing October

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So at the beginning of October I had such great goals. I was going to exercise, eat right, and get ready for my first emoticon Well needless to say that October was worse for me than September.
First my father who had major surgery in September still isn't better and now it looks like they did fix what they needed to during surgery. My parents live two hours away from where I work so every day that I have not worked I have been at their house. It isn't that I don't love my parents and I would do anything for either of them but sometimes I think I need to move closer to them because then maybe I could do what I need to do for me.
Second my one brother has been sick all month which means I have to help him out (his surgery is tomorrow so please send some prayers).
Third, I have hurt myself so I cannot even workout let alone run my 5k. Plus I went on a complete junk food binge for about a week which means weight gain for me
I feel like I am on a complete downward spiral and I'm not sure how to get back. I am frustrated with my weight because when I actually was working out and eating right I didn't lose anything...I actually gained 4 lbs in 3 months. What is that about! I have a lap band so shouldn't I be losing something? I get that I have hypothyroidism but that can't be an excuse of why I can't lose weight. I'm so tired of this disappointment. It just feels like I am never going to lose this weight.
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    YIKES. LOTS on your shoulders. Too much. I too and wishing your Father a speedy recovery and hope the surgery goes well for your Brother. Anything you do is leaps and bounds more than me when it comes to family. Things got hard and the way I figure. We all take care of ourselves or our partners. Not great I know. No one needs to take care of me except my man and my pups. Not sure this is helping Just know that you are doing a GREAT DEAL and YOU TOO are important. IT IS OK TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. Yes, I am yelling because I am not sure you will hear me otherwise. I do not know you so you don't need to listen. But I am confident that I am right.

    My hunch is that stress is a significant reason for the weight not evening out. I could be wrong. I would try to set different goals that you can be proud of. If you are like me stick with t he basics. You have too much going on to go beyond that. If you do go beyond, BONUS. Way to go. But I would stick with basics.

    You can over eat but on healthy foods. Drink lots of water and do what you can for exercise with your injury. AND know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.
    2712 days ago
    Hi Kara!

    Most everyone else has already said what I wanted to say about your October. However, let me be very clear and specific that the Kara I know is a highly valuable person who deserves to be happy, loved, and all the good things she wishes from life. Others love you and to me you are worthy of love. Not because of anything you have done, but just because you ARE. Put another way let me quote from an old poem/song:
    "Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars: you have a right to be here"/

    Quoted without permission from Max Ehrmann's Desiderata, sue me if you wish but it fits here.
    2716 days ago

    Wishing your Father a speddy recovery and hope the surgery goes well for your Brother. As for you, I'm sending some good vibes to you for the rest of the month as well as a great month ahead. I started out with the same motivation but sometimes life happens so be good to yourself. Just keep at it:)
    2717 days ago
    So sorry to hear things have been rough lately. I wish I had some words of wisdom. The posters below had some great advice. I can definitely understand your frustration. You are still in this.. HUGS****
    2717 days ago
    Sorry to hear things have been so rough...maybe for now just focus on eating as well as you can? Hope everyone (including you!) heals well and quickly!
    2718 days ago
    Sorry to hear about the stress related to illness/injuries/surgeries within your family. I TOTALLY understand how that goes! I am fortunate to be only 20 minutes away from my parents and grandparents but I know how it feels to be needed and have to abandon the normal routine of life to help with a family members needs. I hope that it gets easier for you.

    I also understand about the lack of weight loss. I have been exercising my butt off for several months and have seen very little progress in terms of my weight. As a matter of fact, I just keep gaining and losing the same stupid 5 lbs. I am hoping to change that this coming month by really focusing on my eating and how many calories are going in.

    Just keep going forward, stay positive and remember that every single day, no matter what the circumstances, YOU are worth the effort! Big hugs being sent your way!!
    2718 days ago
    You have been going through a tough spate so give yourself some breathing room. You will have other times to crack the whip exercise and diet wise. For now, just try to be healthy and not binge. emoticon Even though you gained a bit of weight it is not much in the scheme of things, so keep on trying. We are all here in your corner rooting and cheering for you. Sometimes the weight thing isn't fair but sooner or later something has to give. Don't give up!
    2718 days ago
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    I'm sorry to hear that October was so stressfull. You have had a lot on your plate. Forgive yourself, so you can't exercise, so what, you will get back to it when you are able. You ate too much, so what, you stressed ate it does happen, now is the time to think of other ways to destress, like a good movie or book, a massage. This is a little setback that we all go through. Yes the body does seem to want to keep you where it was and it fights to stay fat! Fight back, keep up what you can do with the program, re evaluate your plan, what is working, are extras creeping in? Measure. Adjust for the lack of exercise. You can do this! Just don't beat yourself up! You are worth the fight and it is a fight with your body. You can win it and once defeated your body will thank you for it! Hug yourself and hug your family! You are so lucky to have them!

    emoticon emoticon
    2718 days ago
    I'm sorry October has been such a bad month for you. You've got a lot of stress on you with your father, brother, and your own injury. I'm no expert, at all, because I "fell off the Spark horse" about a month ago when my daughter got sick. But my instinct is to tell you not to expect too much of yourself right now when everything in your life is sort of "in crisis."

    Maybe it's enough right now to just try to maintain instead of losing. Or, to just go back to taking one or two baby steps that you can do everyday. What with helping care for your brother and parents, you could keep the steps very simple - like still drinking 8 glasses of water a day, journal or blog, or exercise just 10 minutes, etc. Just pick one or two until you get your momentum back.

    I also hear your frustration about working out, eating right, and still gaining. It's possible that working out was helping you gain muscle, and while you might not have lost lbs., maybe you lost inches. Is it possible that the lap band is causing you to eat too few calories? Sometimes if the body isn't getting enough calories, the metabolism slows down.

    The only other thing I can think of that might help is to try the 2 free weeks of "Spark Coach" that I keep reading people post about. Apparently, it's very helpful for assisting Sparkers to identify what isn't working and why and what to do about it. It might help you.

    I'm probably totally off-base with some of these suggestions, but I just wanted to try to help. My heart goes out to you with all you have going on right now. God bless, and I'll say a prayer for your brother and you.

    Miller :)
    2718 days ago
    I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. You've been going through a lot. Sometimes, just getting through the day to day is an accomplishment - never mind adding changing your eating and exercise habits to the mix.

    Lighten up on yourself. Forgive yourself. You're getting by the best you can. We beat ourselves up enough. Don't need to do that any more - it doesn't help.

    Remember this, though ... hard as it is, you haven't failed if you don't give up! Work on one day at a time!!
    2718 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about your frustrating weight loss and 5k disappointment. Maybe your lap band doc has some suggetions for you. Your family will be in my thoughts. *hugs*
    2718 days ago
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