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In six months of Sparking I've changed!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've noticed lots of changes in the last six months of Sparking. I eat better. I exercise. Clothes that didn't fit before, do now. My blood pressure is normal. My depression has gotten better and I'm more positive now. The big thing: the way I see myself is changing, too.

I was cold last night. Well, I'm cold whenever the temperature goes below 73 degrees in the house. It's getting colder and we keep the heat on 68 degrees so I know I'm going to just have to get used to it. Anyway, I put on my Columbia polar fleece jacket. It fits now. It used to be too small. I was standing there putting dinner together and thinking, when this gets bigger I'll be able to wrap it around me even more!

It doesn't sound like much does it? But this was a BIG THING.

This morning I was reading the Daily Spark "Stay Motivated When The Scale Isn't Moving" and I saw this quote: "You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be." David Viscott

Every time I weigh myself, I'm amazed that I lose weight. Why should I be amazed? I've been working hard, eating right and exercising. But I was still seeing myself in the same light. You know, that person who just can't lose weight, who sits around and moans and groans about how hard it is.

Last night I didn't say to myself, "IF this get bigger." I thought, "WHEN this gets bigger." I've finally begun to see myself in a different light. I can be successful living my healthy new lifestyle because I am doing just that. My lifestyle is healthy. Mind you, I didn't say perfect. I believe I need to be flexible, not restrictive, in order to succeed. I'm working at it.

My husband is Sparking with me. I know how lucky I am to have his support. He has no exercise issues, unlike me. He's very active, but when he started SP at the beginning of September he was 32 pounds overweight. Last year at this time he was 50 to 55 pounds overweight. Now he has 17 more pounds to go! He told me he'd wanted to lose more weight before his physical last week! (Geesh, I'm losing weight so much more slowly!) He claims that when he sees his weight loss he feels like it's magic. He just follows the nutrition tracker guide and exercises and loses weight. I told him when he started SP to make sure he ate enough so he wasn't hungry. Yes, you lose more slowly, but you feel so much better! He says eating a well balanced diet makes him feel great and is the key to success.

He told me the other day that he could do this forever. I think I could do this forever, too.
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