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Blob or Blog...?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Because I've wasted the entire morning with less than stellar activities, I feel like a Blob. Not only do I feel like a blob, I'm acting like a blob. The only thing I've done that could even remotely qualify for 'active' living is to walk aimlessly around the house, following the vacuum cleaner. I've exhausted every excuse I can think of to explain my 'blobby' behavior:
1. I don't feel well - but that isn't true, I really feel just fine! For that I should be thankful.
2. It's snowing outside - well that is true, but it's not snowing inside! For that I should be thankful.
3. I'm sad today - but really, I'm no sadder today that I usually am on a Monday morning. For that I should be thankful.
4. It's snowing outside - oops, have already tried to use that excuse. It didn't work the first time, probably won't work now.

So here's a BLOG to me, the BLOB: Buck up, girl. You feel well, in fact, you feel great! It IS snowing outside and that's great because we really need the moisture! You are only as sad as you let yourself be - just remember that it is Monday and 'this, too, will pass.' And here's the bonus - You've already vacuumed the whole house!!! That's great.

How about a nice, brisk walk in the first snowfall of the year? It might be just what you need to take control of what you now see as a bleak situation!

O.k. - maybe a short walk - what could it hurt?

*** Skip ahead a few years (yes - years!) and I'm apparently back to being a BLOB. :-(. How could I let that happen? Again? Something's not right here! Time to start again with the 'short walk' concept and see what happens!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope that walk helped. Sometimes if I can just force myself to make that first move or two, the momentum carries me forward and I surprise myself!
    3190 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3203 days ago
    I hope your walk cheered you up.

    Is your snow wet or dry? One of my favorite snow activities is to freeze a dark piece of paper for a few hours and then take it right outside, catch the snowflakes, and marvel at their beauty!! emoticon

    Shhh! I still LOVE to do this! It works best with dry snow, but as long as it isn't really soggy snow, it'll be beautiful! :-) My first aha moment with the beauty of snow was skiing in Utah in college. The air was so dry that when the snowflakes fell on my black fluffy gloves, I could see many.....MANY.....little snowflakes and none looked the same. Each was a beautiful crystal! It is a moment I will never forget. God's beauty there all the time and I never knew! Wow!

    But I digress......hope your day turned itself around! emoticon
    3203 days ago
    hey, all that matters is that you recognized your attitude and put it in check.

    now go do something active that will make you feel good about yourself!

    3204 days ago
  • LHLADY517
    So, how was your walk?
    3204 days ago
    From one blob to another....let's get out of this funk!!

    I'm waiting for a hard freeze...I have the sad feelings too, but I know mine is due to the leaf mold on all the fallen leaves. My allergies manifest themselves not is nasal congestion, etc, like normal people...but a heavy feeling in my forehead that simulates the feeling you get after a good hard cry - and tricks my brain into thinking that I HAVE been crying and that makes me think I'm sad, even if I'm not. Ugh.....

    Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Let's find some!
    3204 days ago
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