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Sunday, October 21, 2012

So for my Falling into Fitness challenge this week I am to read 4 fitness articles and blog what I learned from them.

Outdoor Exercisers: Get Closer to Nature

Wow! The University of Queensland did a study that exercising close to traffic can increase you risk of cardiovascular disease. My main source of exercise is walking. If I do not walk at my school, I walk in my neighborhood. I hope I am not breathing in a lot of fumes from the cars within and outside (live along a main highway in the area) my neighborhood. One thing I should do is exercise in the morning but with an early work time that doesn't happen unless it is a workday.

14 Ways to Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors

I like this article. I am definitely a person who likes to send my kids outside. I found we actually do a lot of the tips. Like walking to the pool instead of driving the car. Go to the park or other nature reserve where the girls can explore nature, choose trails to walk, and just be in the great outdoors. If all else fails, take them to the park. :)

Walking Safety Tips

So from reading the article I have learned I am terrible at getting my Dr.'s permission before starting an exercise program. I am also notorious for overdoing it. This is why recently when deciding to get back on track with food and exercise I am starting small. I use to be terrible at not wearing the correct shoes but after a lot of pain in my feet I now find good supporting shoes for my job and replace my tennis shoes at a faster rate than I did before. I am also terrible about seeing my Doctor when i have pain. I have to be in a lot of pain before I go see my doctor. What makes it worse is that I have a high pain tolerance. Because of where I live and where I go walking (school track or my neighborhood) the safety precautions for me are on the bare minimum. I do walk with my phone however, I use it to keep track of my mileage with my walking app.

Last but not least:
Exercise Keeps Your Mind Sharp

Just from reading the title of this article I am interested. My biggest fear in life since I was in high school is that I would forget. Forget my family. Forget the life I lived. Forget everything. Seem crazy when I was younger but I have watched my father in law loose his memory before he passed and now watching my grandmother loose hers. The article states that couch potatoes are 2.5 times likely to develop dementia. This to me is a very good reason to keep up with exercise to keep my mind active. Exercise also helps keep depression away. This is another family issue and one that I suffer from. Not surprised as I was dealing with a low point lately that I had no interest to exercise and slacked off greatly. Being honest with my depression helps me to get out of my funk and back on track.
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