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Sometimes a Good Run...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

is one you just finish!

I had a TOUGH run today. I had my 10 mile race last Saturday and started physical therapy this week. I only did one 4 mile run mid-week and have been dealing with other pains from my PT. (i.e. I think I don't only have a bulging disc in my lower back but also a pulled muscle in my neck and it was aggravated by the PT... and I pulled a muscle in my side during traction.)

So, today I went out for a 6 mile run. I got sidetracked by the computer and ran later than I should have. The temp was 80 by the time I was finished and there were areas where I was in pure sun for about 10 minutes at a time. UGH!!! And, I forgot to use the bathroom right before I left so I really needed a bathroom.

By mile 1.5 I was so ready to QUIT!!! But, I'd told my sil that I was running for 6 miles. I kept playing mind-games with myself... you just have to run until that tree & then you can walk. And, yes, I walked a lot. I went past my car at 4.2 miles and that was a big struggle! But, I ended up completing 6 MILES!!! WooHoo! And, nothing was hurting so it was all good.

I've been reading some of my magazines that have kind of piled up. One sentence I read said something like: you won't make improvements while in your comfort zone. So, let's get out of our comfort zone and make some changes!!!
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