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The Very First Blog Ever / and Why I am COMPELLED to Share ....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Several weekends ago, I received an e-mail from my sister Pati . She had something to discuss and believe I'm one of the first people she told. Later, she decided to post what she wrote me on her facebook page, in order to encourage others.

In a few sentences , she was basically explaining the process that she went through in order to decide, if she was going to do her morning run or not. .This particular morning, it had rained part of the night, and was still doing so.

Recently, she had started running as an alternative exercise .

Prior to that, she had been walking, riding, her bike, and doing some activities at the health club she joined .

She didn't indicate all that went through her head, while making this decision , but she did express the idea, that she woke up early, and her daughter was still sleeping.

I'm guessing the natural thing to do , for a beginning jogger, would be to be to roll over, and allow that hypnotic music of the rain, to lull one back to sleep. But no, she gave herself a pep talk and convinced herself, to emerge from that luscious cocoon of being in bed ( on a chilly morning ).

In the rest of her correspondence , she rehearsed how grateful she was for having gone through with her plans. After all, it is ridiculously early and it's r-a-i-n-i-n-g Then she made it known, "This is not Me". I thought only crazies did this stuff, and I am one of them. Blah, blah. blah.

So, she is pleased with herself for following through, and even more glad , at how darn good she feels.

Now, hang with me. I got to tell you the background story.

Just barely over a year ago, she used to use a wheelchair when she would go somewhere that involved much walking. She borrowed a chair from a neighbor when she was going to an air show or large mall. Other times, she would bring a small fold up stool, for standing in lines.

She has problems with plantar fascias, knee problems, and was overweight.

She begun her journey , wearing 22-24 size clothing. Now she is fitting into 8-10's.

I can't even begin to explain the experience of watching my sister transform, right before my eyeballs.

I want to tell anyone who is reading this blog, it goes miles beyond, the weight issue!! !I will bring that part up in a minute.

Yes, I am thrilled she is going backwards... I mean she seems younger, and isn't aging prematurely.

It is truly awesome, that she can do most things again. Many of them , we take for granted.

She can play with her 8 year old daughter without being hindered , by her size. I bet my niece appreciates this fact, even more than I.

Awhile back when she went on a favorite family activity, camping .She went hiking with a bunch of them.

She also has two adult sons. One of them is married, and she had her first grandchild about 10 months ago. We all know, that is a "huge deal ".

I have something else to tell you guys.....

After I got her e-mail, I decided I wanted to run with her too. I had considered running, off and on, here and there. really, more off than ON.

I thought running might be a pain in the butt, too hard, I might get injured, I might not like it... whatever . Not only that, I couldn't put out the $ for shoes right now. I decided, if I was going to do so, I wanted a decent pair ( to avoid problems ).

After, I considered this brainy idea, I told God, in a half-hearted manner" would you please supply me with a nice pair of shoes."? Then I'm thinking, sheepishly, this is a desire, not a need. It is a weird thing to ask for... I don't even know what I was expecting...

for him to drop shoes off a cloud ???

A few moments later, I thought , FREECYCLE . I got a silly smirk on my face ( are you being desperate ) .If I was able to to find a pair already posted or put in an ad ) ,they probably would be worn out , or, at least half way.

I figured, oh well, I'll post a request. I asked for a pair that had some tread left. About an hour later ( and I don't usually check my mail that often, there was an reply.

I picked them up and tried them on. They fit like a glove. Not only that, but they were barely worn, because the original owner told me, they didn't fit them properly.

I looked up the brand and series on the internet, and saw them listed for $80.00-$115.00

Excuse me, I have to take a commercial break to do the happy dance.

The reason I wanted to run with my sis, is to celebrate!!!! for her, and with her.

She hadn't dieted for a very long time, and she hadn't exercised in decades, and if she can do it, so can most people.

I like, LOVE- seeing her have her life back.

A word picture, is a rosebud. Most flowers are pretty, unless they are wilted or dead. But his one was closed but a nice color.

But the sunshine ( her faith )
Pruning ( hardship and challenges)
rich soil (creating new patterns and habits )
fertilizer ( effort and persistence )

I watched the flower open up, in slow motion, little by little bit, and the fragrance is so lovely....

The last fun thing, I want to mention,It's great how she is sharing this adventure with others.

The End ( from ) livelygirl 2 Sue

my side of the story ( about ) 1GodismyRock1 Pati

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