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Frustration and Realization

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So, I had my 3rd week with the EXACT same weigh-in (2nd week with no loss). I'm getting frustrated and feeling hopeless about this journey.

I am a numbers, data, statistics person. I work in accounting and love formulas, algebra, long division, and excel. So, I decided to put the numbers to work to figure out WHAT was going on.

So, I took the data from Sparkpeople (calories consumed & calories burned), and I put everything into an excel table. I weigh in on Wednesdays, so I used Wednesday-Tuesday (day before weigh in) and compared the data to weight loss mon my weigh in day (the following Wednesday).

Here is what I found:

1. The week that I lost 3.8 pounds, I had burned the most calories in that week (1488 total, average 212.5714), and I had eaten the least amount of calories (10,358 total, average 1479.71429).

2. I thought I had burned the most calories last week, which would put me at an advantage for my weigh in this week. Turns out it was one of the LOWEST weekly numbers (1374 total, 196.2857 average).

SO, here is my NEW plan of attack:

1. Ensure that my weekly calorie average is no higher than 1450.
2. Ensure that I burn at least 1400 calories during my weekly work outs.
3. Limit processed crap.
4. Eliminate refined sugars until 10/24 (have a wedding to go to).

I'm going to see if this helps to make a difference. I am really hoping so! I might be at a disadvantage for the next weigh in because I've already made poor choices and may have set myself back.

Yesterday was my "free day" - and I went kind of crazy with the food. I was feeling depressed, hopeless, and frustrated - and I used food as a crutch. Additionally, instead of getting my workout and burning my 250-300 calories, I was sick and did not work out at all.

Today, I started the day with the right attitude, but gave up around 9 and began to feel extremely defeated and depressed again. I once again chose food as my comfort and then got the whole "I screwed the whole day I might as well keep going" mentality thing going and made a poor choice for lunch as well. ALSO, because of aforementioned illness, I have to work until at least 8pm tonight (13 hour day) - so I'm not really thinking a workout is going to happen. Although, maybe I can do some of the fitness videos and get a workout in that way. It's not a walk, or a run, but something is better than nothing, right?

Tomorrow, I'm going to make healthy food choices. I have to drop my car off at the tire place tomorrow at 6:45 am, to be in to work at 7am. cause the day is full - have to get in to work by 7, no lunch break because I have to leave by 3 in order to get home, pack up the car, and head out to the beach for the weekend (with my family), I'm concerned about getting a work out in.

I am hoping to get to the beach no later than 6 AND that the weather forecast is wrong (calling for rain all day), in which case I can go on a long walk on the beach! The sun will still be up and I can get some fitness in! I just need to be creative. If I can't do that - I'll take my laptop and try to do some fitness videos - once again, not a walk or a run, but better than nothing! I'll try to do the same on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, I'll be back to my normal schedule and can get a run in. Tuesday, I have a long walk scheduled, and will try to add extra fitness minutes in then as well.

I will do my best to make healthy choices this weekend, and I will make healthy choices M and T as well.

I cannot undo what I have already done. I cannot go back and fix poor choices. I can only learn from my mistakes and move forward with good intentions.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • B-N-ME
    Determining what's going wrong and making a plan is half the battle! You will succeed, believe in yourself! You are worth it! emoticon
    2649 days ago
    Glad to see you are feeling better. You will get back on track. You have a good plan of action set out. I had been freaking out because I could not get the scale to budge either. I finally heard about zig zagging calories. Eating between 100-200 different calories amounts up and down. It seems to help me. I tend to eat the same things every day. I was constantly staying at 1300 calories per day, no loss. So now I do 1300 and then 1500 and back to 1200, just mix it up. So far so good. emoticon emoticon
    2653 days ago
    Great plan of action!!
    2654 days ago
    Stop beating yourself up! You have been sick ! Maybe your body needs a good rest! Then start all over again! emoticon Sometimes its a good idea to do a different kind of exercise! The videos are a good idea! Do you like to dance? Or Go to the playground and play on the equipment and have some fun! You don't have to run every day! LOL!
    2654 days ago
    Looks like you're on your way to figuring out what works for you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2655 days ago
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who loves to analyze! I've done the same thing with spreadsheets to try to find out what was going on. Hope you're able to get your workout in today to keep you on track.

    Hugs ~ Melissa
    2656 days ago
    When I go to the grocery store today I pack the shopping cart with mostly fresh fruits and veggies. I take care of my body today!! Hugs, Moni emoticon
    2656 days ago
    Interesting analysis. emoticon
    2656 days ago
    Just try try again it will come off if you keep at it!
    2656 days ago
    I'm currently in the middle of a pity party, myself. I WISH I could be like you. I'm going crazy trying to figure out what the problem is. I've lost 7-9lbs since Sept 23rd. (i thought it was 9 but scale is up 2lbs now FOR NO GOOD REASON). But I am not an organized person at all. I try counting calories but its so much effort. And I'm cooking for 4 people and trying to make dinners that are healthy and that my 2 toddlers will eat. It's overwhelming to try to keep up with everything so the calorie counting tends to fall by the wayside but i try to eat the same basic stuff so i think i know approx. how much. I'm not a mindless grazer. And i dont really know how much i burn ether. So i have no real log for comparison and I'm always just winging everything and trying to make the best choices possible. I want everything to be black and white but no matter how much i resolve to pay better attention, i just cant get it together enough. Everything is so complicated.

    I have been struggling all week to eat healthy but hadnt totally blew it until today. Like you, i was just getting so discouraged with not losing, and seeing those 2 lbs i thought i lost show back up. I just had one of those screw it days today and now i basically hate myself.

    anyway, you're not alone. not sure why the scale is being so abusive but nothing else to do but try again tomorrow. your plan sounds great. hope it all goes well for you. I'm gonna go for a walk - maybe even jog even though its the LAST thing i feel like doing.
    2656 days ago
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