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The Best Way To Quit Smoking Is To Carry Wet Matches - Unknown

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I was browsing the internet and found the quote. I've come to the decision that I'm going to attempt to stop smoking again. I officially have 4 cigarettes left. Once those are gone, I'm not going out to buy another carton.

I've been smoking since I was around 19 I think...so it's been over a decade. I've tried quitting before on several different occasions but always wound back to picking the habit back up again and again.

The main problem that I have is that (and I know this is politically incorrect but I'm saying it anyway) I enjoy smoking. It relaxes me. There I said it. All non smokers take that! It's a vice I know, but considering it's the real only true vice I still have, it could be so much worse. Not that smoking is great, but you get the point.

A big fear of mine for when I stop smoking is that I'll gain weight. I'm already gaining weight from my meds and trying hard to lose those pounds, but add me not smoking, I'm not quite sure what's gonna happen or how I will be.

But there's really no other option due to the fact that my asthma is kicking into gear from me smoking and working out...add the weather changing so much lately, it's not pretty. (And yes to all the non smokers I know it's insane for someone with asthma to smoke but I did so there, I'm being honest, don't shoot me or send me mean posts please).

Like I said before though I've tried quitting on several different occasions and it always ends the same.

But I've made my decision and decided that this will be my non spark goal. Something that is important and will actually help me in the long run in regards to my health. Combine that with my workouts and me eating healthy and I will be one sexy mama in no time. I just hope that quitting now is the right thing to do. I'm taking on a lot, exercising everyday, eating healthy, etc which I know is great but I don't want to overdo it and break down completely from overload. I was also told last night in the meeting that they think I'm hypomanic. So a lot is going on with me, and ya'll know about my friend. I'm just gonna go through with it and take it one day at a time.

I'm doing much better today by the way. I worked out for an hour and burned 475 calories. I'm going to see my doctor (psych) tomorrow and me and brooke are working out afterwards. Not quite sure what I'm gonna be telling her, but I'll figure that out when I get there.

Oh, and if anyone asks, I am not doing the patch or gum. One I can't afford that stuff, and two I don't know how that stuff would effect my meds.

So there you have it ya'll. My new non SP goal. Keep your fingers crossed cause it begins tomorrow.

Jenna emoticon
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    I quit smoking on july 7th, I spent 10 days pretty well drunk around my parents painting a house. I never smoked around them and they don't. We were so busy during the day I never thought about it, and at night I was so tired that I didn't care.
    Good Luck.
    Remember you only have to quit one day at a time, every morning wake up and decide if you are going to smoke that day.
    2504 days ago
    Oh I feel your pain. I quit smoking over four years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I quit cold turkey and it was tough. After a month or so, it wasn't so bad. You just really have to push through it. Cold turkey is not for everyone though, so don't be afraid to spend that cash you would normally spend on smokes on gum or meds. It's totally worth it! A friend of mine also has quit using the e-cigarettes. Maybe that's an option?

    Things that helped me out
    * Gum - No really, everytime I wanted one I would pop in a piece and enjoy that fresh clean feeling.

    * Brushing my teeth. Sounds silly, but it worked especially in the evenings.

    * Avoided my triggers - for me it was social scenes and drinking for awhile.

    * Support from family - I let almost everyone around me know that I was quitting. Their support was amazing.

    I will say that I did end up gaining weight in the process of quitting smoking. Would I trade that weight gained for another smoke? Not in a million years!!
    2507 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    Good luck! It's hard, but you can do it! Stay strong!
    2507 days ago
    I smoked on and off, mostly on, for almost 30 years. I also enjoyed smoking but I have come to realize I enjoy not smoking so much more. I feel so much freer to not be chained to that lighter and pack of cigarettes. Worried about how many smokes I have and is there a store nearby that carries my brand, etc. I feel so much better, not hacking away every morning, being able to workout and run without stopping to catch my breath. I am going on 3 years smoke free and trust me, you will not regret it.
    Also, the money you save not smoking will pay for the patch or gum (I used wellbutrin from the dr, $4 co-pay) but also I used regular sugar-free gum to keep something in my mouth so I wouldn't turn to eating.
    Good luck with this!
    2507 days ago
    i never smoked
    2507 days ago
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