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61 Doggy training

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Through my circus I am devoted to clicker training - but I have to admit that it is hard to my temperament...which means that it is good. If you don´t know clicker it is about "positive operant learning" meaning that you do not instruct the animal, you just wait for it to do something in the direction you want and then you click and reward. The click is because you need to reward the exact moment the animal is trying the right thing.

The benefit is that the animal learns that it can make a difference, it starts looking for things to get rewards for. But it takes a lot of patience for me to wait for my dog to figure it outinstead of showing hi what I want.

We have been practising sitting in a suitcase... the goal is that I should be able to carry him on to stage in that suitcase.

We started with a box with low edges. He knows buy now that I want something when I bring the clicker so it was not before long he was sitting in the box. Then I changed to the box he usually rides in on the bike... not very easy. It took 14 days before he climbed in it...first me clicking when he looked at it, next when he put his head over it, next when he lifted a paw (scraping in frustration) next when he climbed in with fornt paws ans finally he got inside...victory? As the suitcase is about the same size and height I thought it would be easy-peasy to change into that...not! He just looked at me and the cae in total confusion and it was starting all over again. Antoher foruteen day and I can tell you that this is sooo hard on my patience, seing no progress at all but still just doing it...

But two days ago:

I am SO proud of him. Since then I have also been allowed to raise the sides and lift him up, he will be carried before long!

Today I will be trvelling noth after work to my sister. It is her birthday tomorrow and I want to be there in the morning to sing for her.

When shw saw my hula hoop and experienced being able to hoop with it she wished one for herself so I have made a beautiful blue and silver for her. She is skinnier than me (or should I say less fat, neither of us are skinny)

For new readers I started last summer to try to hulahoop - something I could never do around my waist as a kid. Kept trying in vain all autumn and was really desperate - until I read a post from sparkfrined shirley who talked abou "fluffy hoopers" needing larger hoops. Eureka! I made a GIGANTIC hoop and lo and behold there I was...january 2012 I learned who to hoop and I have been practising since then. I can hoop in both directions, I can do the vortex and for my birthday show I plan to do some fire hooping...

It will be interesting to see if my sister will be a devoted hooper as well... to be honest I am not, my hooping comes and goes. My daughter in the process hs bcome a very good hooper, she is slim and young and are picking up many tutorials from the net, learning new tricks.

This year I hope for us to do something for "International hoop day" 12 of december when people around the world record themselves doing the same choreography and then it is cut to one movie..OMG it´s up! The choreography for 2012 is up! I have to start practising!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    YOu have the patience of a saint to use the clicker training method I know in all reality it is the best way to train a animal but it very hard to do so Your dog is very cute!
    2632 days ago
    woohoo dog training had that experience too gotta lov'em

    well if only people were that easy to train emoticon
    2632 days ago
  • FUNGIRL81005
    Happy Birthday to your Sister!! emoticon Sisters are the very Best!!
    I need to do some training for my dog!! We had a clicker....who knows where it went??? But you made me want to start again....Maybe just basic behavior is what i need!! Now riding on a bike???LOL NEVER....

    I really did LOL on the fire hula hoop!! You are CRAZY!! But FUN!! emoticon

    I bought a weighted hula hoop...It is fun but i need to spend some more time with it....and I have no desire to LIGHT it on fire!! Smile

    2633 days ago
    Wow! You've inspired a lot of people today! Have fun hooping and keep us posted on your doggy!

    2633 days ago
    I have never quite understood why clicker training was better than giving praise when catching the animal in the act of doing things right. But, then I haven't put any research into clicker training. When I first was interested in clicker training I couldn't find the clicker things around here, and when they finally did start carrying them then I was no longer interested in them as I had trained my dogs successfully without them. Now though I would like something - anything - to help me succeed in training my super independent, stuborn pup. I love him but as for now it is me that is trained (by him). LOL

    2633 days ago
    You really have a cute dog!
    2633 days ago
    International Hoop Day! News to me! I'll have to check this out.

    2633 days ago
    Looks like you've awakened some potential hoopers here! :)
    I'm really impressed with your clicker training. I've never tried it and doubt that I would have the patience either. I'm happy with well behaved and haven't been one to teach "tricks". I love your dog, he's so cute! Fun that you are involving him in the things you enjoy doing. Have a great weekend!
    2633 days ago
    We can all learn something about training and rewards from your dog. Congrats on hooping.
    2633 days ago
  • GINNJEN1974
    A lot of work done here. You should reward not only the dog but you too. I could not do this. Luckily my pooch is usually good and too smart for her own good most days.
    2633 days ago
    that's great that you do clicker training with your dog! i've tried in the past, but i really don't have the patience (and with our border collie, he kind of looks at you and asks, so tell me, what exactly do you want me to do? and you look at him and nod or point or signal in some other way, and he wisely says oh of course, why didn't you say so...:-)

    hooping sounds like fun! though i don't have the coordination...
    2633 days ago
    Have fun
    2633 days ago
    It is SO fun - and looking for the choreography I noticed that I had the wrong date in the blog, this year it is 12/12 (last year was 11/11)
    2633 days ago
    You - and Edison - are making great progress toward his becoming a 'doggy bag,' lol... Wish I had known of this clicker training back when we had pets!

    As for the hula-hoops: well, I'll be darned! Like so much else in Life, it seems there's no such thing as 'one size fits all.' Who knows, I might end up hula-hooping after all--!
    2633 days ago
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