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Where, Oh Where Have You Been?!?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In a word...busy. I've been like the absent Sparker, even though I do report daily to at least track my food and fitness. It has been a crazy summer, but I smell relief!

An example is just this weekend alone. Friday was our 10 year anniversary. DH has been begging for a smart(er) phone for a while, though I have been reluctant about adding one because he doesn't use the one he has. But, with being at a loss for a gift idea, I thought why not. I started investigating and since I've been with AT&T since they started carrying wireless service, I logged in and shopped from my account, but there was this big, red exclamation point on my phone account. The bill is paid electronically, so I was at a loss for what it could mean, so I clicked on it. It was a warning that I was EIGHTY text messages over my plans limit! Wha?!?! I don't text that much... So I freaked and headed to the local store to find out what the heck was up and then learn more about a phone for DH. So my 500 text plan that I thought I had was really a 200 text plan. My brother and I have been planning a surprise party for my parent's anniversary and because he lives with them, we have been doing more texting than talking. Oops. Well, if I was going to accommodate a new phone for DH, I was going to have to upgrade the plan anyway, so... I later learned that I would be unable to upgrade my phone in February (when I had planned) if I was upgrading my plan now, so now I was going to need to get both of us a phone. So I picked one out for myself and heehawed around trying to figure what would be best for DH and finally gave up, went home, picked him up and had him pick one our for himself. For the record, he picked the one that I was leaning towards.

So Saturday was my parent's surprise party (40 years on Sunday/today). So, we packed up our canine crew, decorations, service for 125 (plates and napkins, plasticware, etc) and ten dozen, fresh hamburger rolls. We took our 2.5 hour drive and headed straight to the hall to drop off the decs, food and stuff...then headed off to my parents house. We visited for a bit and then went out to dinner, afterwards, my brother called (on the ride home) to "invite us for a drink" at our friend's bar/hall. And the rest was a surprise. It was so cool to see so many of my family members on such a positive note (lately we only get together for funerals). All of my parents' wedding party was present (with the exception of my late uncle), including a bridesmaid that my mom hasn't seen in over twenty years!
While there, my brother took advantage of the family gathering and proposed to his girlfriend. To be honest, I am not too sure how I feel about this. I don't want to be the bi+chy sister, but that girl is "not smart." I am happy for him that he is happy, but I have seen him go through some pretty rotten stuff with his last marriage. Perhaps I'm just cynical now.

I ate and drank well, staying within all my limits. And while I didn't get any "fitness" in, though I think some of my fretting and carrying decs and food should count for something. LOL It ended up being a VERY late night and when I got home, I had my new phone to do Spark on...not. For whatever reason, Samsung hates me and I was able to log in and that is it. I tried to log food and at least change my status, but all to no avail. I already miss my blackberry (from which I am still recovering...eye strain). I know that there has to be a way to access Spark from this new phone, but the learning curve hasn't been met yet, I guess.
Anyway, we spent the night at my parents and drove home today. All of yesterday has now been logged and despite my bloody mary and two captain and cokes (diet) I was within all of my ranges (except short on calcium)....WooHoo.
I am hoping that I lost some weight simply because of the stress, too. (Fingers crossed...will weigh in tomorrow).

I do want to add that the colors in Northern Wisconsin are already incredibly beautiful! The changes will be coming here, soon, too. I can't wait. I just wish the trees could keep those colors for months (along with this awesome weather) before losing their leaves.

And just when I think the stress shall end, symphony starts tomorrow night. Yup, this was a dilemma that I was going through in spring (see "Bittersweet" blog from last May) and I finally came to my decision. While I am busy, I want to keep my music and I will make cuts to my busy lifestyle in other arenas at the beginning of the year (cutting several, very time consuming and regular commitments).

So, back to the busy lifestyle for another two and half months and then, relief? Anyway, off to try to figure out my phone and take a nap.
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  • no profile photo SHIROIHANA
    I myself have a dumb phone. How dumb? It has no Internet access, no apps, used for the basic purpose of calling and texting other people. Also a Samsung. Happy belated 10 year anniversary!! And also congrats to your brother. I hope his future wife doesn't cause him as much strain as his ex. It's normal to be protective of him, especially because you've seen what he had to go through with the previous relationship.
    Hope all is well!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3151 days ago
    I'm one of the stubborn ones who clings to her $20 phone she got at Walmart - maybe one of these days I'll upgrade. You're very brave!
    I've gone through the experience of not liking a sister-in-law. She was really snooty and ended up breaking his heart. (thus making me want to chop her into little pieces) but what can you do? He's an adult and nothing I said was going to do anything besides maybe hurt some feelings between us too. So I just had to watch and keep my mouth shut. I got a lovely niece out of the deal so I have to be happy about that.
    So glad you are sticking with the symphony. The world needs musicians! Happy anniversary to the 'rents and to you and the hubby!!

    3153 days ago
    Oh how I HHHAAAATTTEE getting used to a new cell phone! But you'll get the "learning curve" I'm sure! Takes me soooo long. But what can I say . . . I'm O-L-D! LOL

    Glad your parents' surprise party went so well! Sounds like everyone had a good time.

    Well, here's wishing your brother good luck1 Brothers (at least mine) won't listen to any sisterly advice anyway, so . . . wishing him luck!

    And good luck on the weigh in. I'm sure you'll be fine. Sounds like you were eating wisely.

    Ahhh, yes, I remember your blog. Glad you decided to continue. It is so enriching to have a talent like that. . . playing an instrument.

    Saw some color today, which was nice.

    Have a sparktacular week! HUGS
    3154 days ago
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