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Moving Forward!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Six week post-op check up yesterday and surgeon says I am doing great! He is starting to see the fusion growth and it looks about six weeks ahead of what he normally sees at this stage. He did a great job and says I'm healing nicely.

I have been released to do Physical Therapy and can begin gentle exercise!!!!! Soooo - when I got home yesterday I immediately looked for Coach Nicoles 28 Day Bootcamp tape and finally got to do some strength training. It felt so good and I knew this tape would be good since you can modify it to fit the level of fitness. Then my regular 20-25 minutes on the treadmill for the day. It felt great - and so far no soreness.

This morning I enjoyed 20 minutes of yoga, so I'm on a roll.

PT starts next week and we should concentrate on range of neck motion and strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles. Six weeks, 2 times a week - sure hope there is some massage therapy in there too!

On the nutrition side - last week I tried to stay close to South Beach low carb plan and at least write down everything I ate...including the candy corn that some evil person at the office filled the candy dish with emoticon . The eating plan worked well. I stayed full and satisfied, which eliminated mindless snacking and recent late night hunger cravings.

Things are looking up and moving in the right direction now! emoticon
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