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Eating at McDonald's

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yep, I just finished eating at McDonald's. I'd like to tell you that it is an abberation, but I have been totally off track for the last couple weeks again. Part of it is busyness. The lack of exercise is due to physical ailments.

After our garage sale, I was so tired and achy that I didn't get any exercise done for a couple days, and seem to have just gotten out of the habit. Of course, that means that I have started to stiffen up again, and that makes it harder to get going.

Then last week I had a mandatory training for my job. Most of it is baseline stupid, given our clientele, but it sounds all touchy-feely, so the hospital thinks it is an impressive thing to do. It involved spending two days sitting around getting our consciousness raised, then a morning of how to stay safe and keep the more violent of our patients (not, ironically, those most people think of as mentally ill, but rather those who are too immature to take responsibility for themselves but do know how to use the system). That is what we really need a longer training on. However, it is physically demanding. I was busy trying to protect my shoulder, which is still unhappy, and instead managed to pull my back out. After the session I went into one of our nursing home facilities where there is no good place to sit and type on a computer, so that wasn't great on my back either. I am still taking ibuprofen and waiting for the pain to abate. It is down to discomfort only now, and I can bend a little bit again.

In the meantime, I have still been going to rehearsals twice a week, led a group meeting Saturday night, taught Sunday school (3-5 year olds. They are a total kick.), and spent quite a bit of time, like two hours, in my guise of co-chair of the church membership team talking to newcomers after church. We are having a "Discover UU" session for newcomers next week, so I have been issuing invitations, receiving RSVPs, and coordinating with my co-chair to get that together. I finally have most of that done, and had time to get back to you.

Which gets us back to McDonald's. I am on dial-up at home, and would you believe that the one place that has free WiFi on my way home is McDonald's? They know what will pull people in, I guess. Actually, they have all of the calories listed on their menu now, and I didn't really do all that bad. It is just the idea. I mean, McDonald's.... Really?

Honestly, I am just not feeling like staying on task right now, partly because I am tired and overcommitted, and partly because those old habits are so easy to fall back into. I've decided that I am going to give myself a vacation for the rest of this week, not worry about what I am eating except for keeping it down to a dull roar, and that I am not going to worry about official exercise until my back, knees and hips are all reasonably happy with me again. On the other hand, the weather is nice now, and I might get into a short walk tonight. Nothing vigorous, just a stroll. Just to start getting up to speed again when my vacation from health is over.
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    Hey, you at least looked at the calories, right? That is still progress. I'm sorry that you had to give up those good feelings you were having when you were on a roll, but you'll get back there again. When my back was it's worst I had to walk just to keep the pain from increasing, and so I did it around the house so the neighbors or the people who know me at the gym didn't have to see my shambling. And now I'm in the habit of doing a half hour in my house at 8pm each night - even if watching TV. It's been close to 25 days and I have lost 6 lbs (largely b/c that 8pm start time is right in my worst binge time so I'm not binge eating either). So, when you feel like getting back on track, you know you'll find something that works for you!
    2998 days ago
    I work at McD's. We just put up the new menu boards and it is interesting the reactions of people who are studying the menu.
    2998 days ago
    I wrote a long response I LOVE McDonalds and I lost it GRRRR
    I hope you can get back on track it will help emoticon emoticon emoticon your pain issues to keep moving HUGS Pat .
    2998 days ago
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    I was going to suggest doing something leisurely for exercise, like going for a walk or whatever might be a bit consciousness altering but not strenuous, if you can.
    I hope your health problems ease up very quickly.
    2998 days ago
    Eating at McD's is NOT a terrible thing. My son loves hanging out there and using their WiFi. You sound like you have been busy and active and that you are making the best choices you have available at this point in time. PLANNING helps but sometimes life really does require that you simply LIVE it for a while. Hang in there life is sure to get better or worse depending on how lucky you are this week.
    2998 days ago
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